Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 55








Ya gotta remember the great times
When life was a bundle of joy,
Ya gotta recall that brand new car
When it was your favourite toy.
Think back to the night of your capping
When you drank that yard glass dry
And that special girl appeared in a whirl
And your pulse rate hit the sky.

Remember the fabulous foursome
When we snorkeled with sharks in big Syd.
And that wonderful morning of freshness
When we strolled arm in arm in Madrid.
Think back to the moments of greatness
Of running in long great strides
From the shot of the gun till that foot race was won
And we all puffed our chest out with pride.


You can never forget the colours
Of that beautiful sunset in June
When the sun went down in a red velvet crown
And magenta clouds girdled the moon.
Exquisite memories of sitting
Alone with my favourite book
In a dappled corner of garden
On a stool, by that bubbling brook.


Fantastic moments of recall
When you threw back your head and laughed
And your glorious hair flew about everywhere
And my mind photographed it in draught.
And the taste of your mouth in the morning
When the bed cloths are tangled and damp,
There’s the promise of new day dawning
But your bedroom’s still dim by the lamp.


But sliding around that little frown
Forgetting the words to say,
The green miasma starts to flow
And change deflects the way
The purple patch deteriorates
The glass is not half full,
And that hearty laugh of friendship
Is now interpreted as bull.
The smile is seen as specious
The intent insincere,
And that glass of red went to my head
And will have me on my ear.
The winds of change are blowing
Nothing stays the same,
The world spins on so frantically
Perhaps old age is to blame.


The cold wind blows in harshly
The fires of youth are dead.
The night approaches darkly
There’s anxiety in my head.
The days string out eventlessly
The hollowness of time,
Are the prospects for tomorrow
As dim for you, as mine?
For the only thing that’s guaranteed
In life from day to day
Is the fact that change does rule supreme
And change is here to stay.


     Mangere Bridge
     1st July 2008


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