rawr a book of rhyms, absoulutly short stories,writing, and really fun quotes
Author: It's just Me

Chapter 40
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Here is an excert from Chapter 8, The Death of Death


Billy and Ravenna quietly followed her down the street. They tried to be extra quite. They were trying to get her into the darkest part of the road before they decided to attack. Leigh stopped walking, as soon as she was in the dark part of the road. She turned around smiling. She looked especially happy to see them both there, behind her. “I knew you two were following me.” She sat down in the dirt. “I saw you in the movie theaters, Mr. Billy Zero.” Leigh sounded so know-it-all, but she certainly was putting on a show for Billy and Ravenna. Leigh widened her eyes at them.

            Ravenna looked at Leigh confused. “How did you know we call him that? And why didn’t you leave if you knew we were going to come after you?” Even though Billy knew the answer to the second question he stayed quite. Ravenna stopped talking and let Leigh go on.

            “That name spread pretty quickly. I already knew what he did to other people. It is quite a show, I must say. And when and if I got up I know he would say ‘I have to go to the bathroom’ and out of habit you would follow behind him with a happy smile. I don’t mind dieing. I never have any fun anyways. You guys probably have all of it. Just going around killing people.” Billy looked at Leigh. He liked her, but killing was in his blood that night. “I like a good murder mystery. Especially the ones were you never find the killer. The story is true. And you are left with nightmares. But hide me somewhere good. I don’t want to be spotted.” Leigh smiled. “And if you ever see my family, tell them I love them all.” Leigh got down on the dirt, closed her eyes, and put her hands over her chest like a zombie going to sleep. Leigh sighed. She took another breath of fresh air. “I am ready.”


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