rawr a book of rhyms, absoulutly short stories,writing, and really fun quotes
Author: It's just Me

Chapter 37

here is a way I may start the book for the story idea on the other chapter 37



The Full Scoop: The party of the year! <(}

I am positive everyone can’t wait to hear of the party of the year. I scooped around, and got all the creamy details. I know freshmen aren’t supposed to know, but this is for everyone. Say hello to the details of the latest party…

Charm Avenue 8952, the big blue house belonging to Jesse Kale.

There are no reservations.

I promise there will be drugs, and alcohol, so be careful. Police, you may want to drop in on this party.

Also be on the look for the latest hook-ups. And we must say congratulations to Jack Dean, the football player #33, because he recently had his first kiss with his new girlfriend, April Homes.

I would like to also tell you about this other thing…but that would be no fun! So I am giving you a riddle. I wonder if even the dum-dum’s, hunk-hunk’s, and bon-bon’s can figure this one out…

There is this little affair going about,

Between Coach Peer, and Ms. Trout.

There is a little affair also going on between Coach Peer, and Mrs. Bazino,

That took place at Baldwin casino.

Someone is in for a lot of fear,

Two angry women are after Coach Peer.

Well, that is all for now.

Ice cream girl,

Getting the ice out of the cream.

Ahh, my work is done, thought Icy Cream as she wondered out from the Journalism room. She had been spying a lot to get to that article. This was a regular. Icy always got the dirt from the grapevine, or as she put it “The ice from the cream”. She always had an article ready everyday, for her gossip column, The Full Scoop.

            But, even the best, can’t get everything, so you must think. But you should bend that to “But, even the best normal human, can’t get everything”. Because Icy is not a normal human. Icy becomes invisible. It is fun for her, and she finds it as an easy excuse not to go to school.

Icy watched carefully as she entered the house. It was so full; she would not have to worry about being touched. No one would notice that the air bumped into them. No one would notice her.

            Icy spotted Jesse Kale, the most popular girl, dancing with Hue Spoon. Quickly, and almost carelessly, Icy pushed through the large crowd to get near them. This was an article in the making.

            Humph, wasn’t Trent her boyfriend? Icy thought to herself. Quickly, she pulled the camera out of her pocket, and sat it on the counter. She didn’t want to make it look like a camera was floating in thin air. She pressed the little silver button, as the lens caught a perfect kiss between the two. The flash went off, but it was just another light bouncing around the ivory-painted walls. Icy stuck the camera in her pocket; it became invisible just like the rest of her. Now let’s see what else shall happen…


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