rawr a book of rhyms, absoulutly short stories,writing, and really fun quotes
Author: It's just Me

Chapter 39
Short story--young love

Tania wrapped her long arms around his neck and seduced Michigan in for another kiss. She gave all the passion in the world to him, as she looked into his ice blue eyes. He put his hand in her auburn hair. Grabbing on, he just watched her eyes the way she was watching him. Tania gave him a wink, and laughed her cute little giggle. Michigan smiled, showing all his teeth. Tania’s heartbeat grew fast. She could feel him breathing on her. She could smell the mint toothpaste he had used to brush his teeth. They were so close. Michigan saw the little of shimmer of light that showed her strawberry chap stick. Tania loved him, and he loved her. Michigan reluctantly let go of her, and put his hand in his pocket. Tania began to smile more and more with the hope she knew what he was pulling out.

            Michigan pulled out a ring case, and opened it. Inside was the most beautiful, yet simple, ring Tania had ever seen. It was a single gold ring, with a small diamond in the middle. “I know it’s not much…I’m sorry this isn’t very romantic. But it just seems right. I love you more than the whole world. I want to live with you. I want to die with you. I want to hold you in my arms, and never have to let you go…Will you marry me?” Michigan smiled.

            A tear rolled down Tania’s delicate pale face. And she laughed. She pulled his hand to her chest, putting it directly on her heart. He felt her pumping heart on his palm. “This heart, my heart, all of it belongs to you. I want you to have it. I want you to hold me in your arms and never let me go. I want to live and die with you. I want you, forever.” Tania kissed Michigan, reassuring him with a silent yes and a high-cheekbones smile.

            She looked out the convertibles window. The sun was starting to go down. She slipped the ring on, and kissed him again. Her mouth almost uncontrollable. When she let him go, she let a frown appear on her face. “What about my parents? What will they say? They hate you…”

            Michigan gave her a sigh. “You have plenty of time to think about that. This is our night.” Michigan got out of the car, but Tania did not follow. She was still in shock. Michigan went around to her door, and opened it letting her out. “I want you to be in my arms.”

            Tania looked at him, and smiled. She let go of her fears, and hugged him. She went and jumped into his arms, and he cradled her. And then he carried her down to the empty beach. He let her down, into the moist sand. It had been raining earlier. Michigan looked into Tania’s slightly worried eyes. “Don’t worry about them. I will love you, forever and ever.”


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