The Unthinkable Has Occurred
Author: Brianna

Chapter 4
Why Do I Bother With Him?

--Cara's POV--

The nine of us head back to Roxy and Brady's house for lunch. It is faster than walking into town and we aren't about to go into town anyway with the way we look. We are all covered in dirt and look a fright, even the boys. Although them being boys, they aren't complaining as much as us girls are.

Roxy won't shut up the whole time about how she is never going to get her converses clean again. It's kinda funny the first few times, but now, it's annoying. Although Ade and I do understand why she is panicking; it is because we are surrounded by the popular boys of the sophomore class! And Roxy has had a huge crush on brown-haired, blue-eyed Carter since like seventh grade. So it is understandable why she's flipping.

Brady opens the door and we all file into the Cathart house. The boys head toward the den to watch tv, while me, Adriane, and Roxy go to clean ourselves up. We walk into the upstairs bathroom and close the door.

"Oh my GOD!! Carter looked so cute! I absolutely love his new haircut!" is the first thing that Roxy says after the door is shut.

"Haha to tell you the truth honey, I didn't even notice that he got a haircut," Adriane replies. 

"How could you? He looks so much hotter now!" Roxy shrieks.

"SHHHH!!" Adriane and I say at the same time.


When we finish brushing our hair, fixing our makeup, and cleaning the dirt from our legs and arms, we head back downstairs.

"Hey we were thinking that we'd go into town anyway for lunch. You coming?" Logan asks us.

I look at Adriane and Roxy's faces. The answer is clear without even asking. I turn back to Logan. "Sure, why not?"

"Okay lets go."

We walk the ten minutes into town and then to the high schooler's favorite haunt: where else but Pizza Hut? It's kinda strange, but we never see anyone else in there except high school kids.

Logan goes over to the counter to order the pizzas and we find a booth in the corner by the window.

I slide in after Adriane and watch as the rest of the guys slide in on the other side of the table. My stomach flutters when I see who is sitting across from me. Who else but Riley Freegan? With his long dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes, he and Logan are unquestionably the two best-looking guys in our grade.

I never told anyone my secret crush on him, not even Adriane and Roxy. They will kill me if they find out that I never told them. So many people like him, that I am just another tally mark on the list. It is kinda pointless to like him, because he never dates. I think he had one girlfriend and maybe hooked up with a couple of girls, but that's it. I just keep thinking that maybe I'll be different, but I know there is no chance of that. Riley hardly ever even looks at me. Besides, publicly liking Riley would just cause drama, and there is more than enough of that with Roxy!

Logan comes back with two pizzas then. The boys all start reaching and grabbing, and by the time they all back away, there are only 4 slices left. I grab one and bite into it, the grease dripping down my chin. I reach over to take a napkin from the dispenser at the same time as someone else. I look up into Riley's face and feel myself blush the slightest bit. He pulls his hand away and gestures for me to take first. I mumble a "thanks" and quickly look away.

'What's the point?' I ask myself. 'He's never going to like you. You seriously need to get over it. You're you and he's him. Enough said.'


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