The Unthinkable Has Occurred
Author: Brianna

Chapter 3
Getting Lost With The Most Annoying People Ever...JOY

Author's Note: There are going to be other points of view. Cara just starts off the story. When school starts, that is when everyone else's point of view comes in. You just have to wait.
Oh, and the beginning of books are always tedious to me cuz you have to include descriptions and whatnot. So the good stuff is coming soon. It gets a billion times better when school starts. That should be the next chapter, I think. PLEASE COMMENT!! I appreciate any criticism, good and bad. Thanks for reading.

--Cara's POV--

I can't stop staring at the beautiful sight in front of me. It looks like it came straight from a dream. The sun is reflecting off of the lake, creating a gorgeous blue color. There are trees surrounding the edge of the lake all the way around, with no other sign of people. Birds squawk in the trees above us.

"Oh my god Ade! How the hell did you find this? This is like from a fairytale! It's perfect!" I squeal.

"This is the perfect place to spend the last day of spring break! It totally makes up for the terrible trip through the woods that it took to get here!" Roxy squeals too.

"Aww thanks guys. I know, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it for the first time either. And the best part is, that no one owns this land, so we can come here whenever we want and we won't be trespassing!" Adriane says.

"That's awesome!" I say. "Last one in the water is a rotten egg!"

We kick off our shoes and run into the shallow water. We don't go in past our knees, but we do get wet from splashing each other.

-Three hours later-

We wake up to grumbling stomachs. We had all fallen asleep on the shore of the lake and are now completely dry.

We shove our feet into our shoes, grab our purses, and run back into the woods.

I pull my phone out of my bag, and check to see if I had any messages. Yep, sure enough, the screen reads that I have 3 new messages. One is from my dad, wondering if I'm going to be home for lunch. I quickly text him back that we are probably going to grab something to eat in town. The other two are from Lucy. I open the first one and only read the first two words before my phone dies on me. I shake it and hold the power button down while informing my best friends about the phone call this morning that had woken me up. It is only after I hear no response to the story I just told, that I look up. There is no one there. I spin around in a circle and still see no one.

"Way to go, Cara. You spun around, doing absolutely nothing except making yourself more lost," I grumble to myself. "Now you don't even know which direction you came from."

I start walking, telling myself that eventually I'm going to have to end up somewhere. I repeatedly call my friends' names into the silent woods, to no avail.

I try memorizing my surroundings, seeing if I remember anything.

I'm too busy avoiding the tree branch that is about to hit me in the head, that I don't notice the root until it's too late.

"Umphh," I groan as I hit the ground hard. "Why does this stuff always happen to me?"

I pick myself up carefully and brush my clothes off. I hear a twig snap behind me, and I twirl around. I jump and shriek before I realize that I know who the group of people standing a couple feet away from me are.

"Oh My God! Guys, don't do that to me! You nearly gave me a heart attack!" I groan.

The boys laugh hysterically at the sight of me flipping out. In front of me is a group of popular boys; Logan, William, Riley, Brady, Isaiah, and Carter.

"Let me guess. Poor Cara is lost and doesn't know how to get back home to the mall so she can buy another designer purse," Logan taunts, gesturing to my favorite bag ever, which happens to be a Chanel purse.

"Shut up guys. Just tell me how to get back to my street," I plead.

"Fine bitch. It's over...ummm...over..." Logan looks around, looking as completely lost as I did about 5 minutes ago. "Hey do you guys know which way we came from?"

"You asshole! You got yourselves lost too! Now I'll never get home!" I scream at the idiot who has the nerve to call me a bitch and then gets himself lost too. I huff and plop myself down on the ground. "When you idiots figure out how we are going to get the hell out of here, let me know. Until then, I'm not moving!"

Logan, Carter, and Isaiah start walking in different directions, trying to get some inkling about where we are.

"Hey people! Do any of you have a phone?" I call out.

"Yeah. What happened to yours?" Brady asks from where he is sitting next to me.

"It died right before I realized I was lost," I say. "Call Roxy so she can tell me how to get out of here!"

"You know its not just you stuck in this forest? Call Roxy so she can tell US how to get the hell outta here!" Logan criticizes me.

"Whatever." I say.

-Thirty minutes later-

It takes Roxy and Adriane thirty minutes to find us because they nearly got themselves lost too when they realized I was gone, and because we are so far out of the way that they took forever to get to where we have camped out.

"Sheesh guys!! Its gonna take me hours to get all these twigs out of my hair! And look at my shoes! They're all muddy!" Roxy complains.

The boys and I look at each other, and can't help it; we crack up.


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