The Unthinkable Has Occurred
Author: Brianna

Chapter 2
My Wonderful Plan...Hey At Least It Worked!

--Cara's POV--

I walk quickly down the hall, eager to put my plan into action. See, my brother is almost seventeen and is dead to the world when he is sleeping. So in order to wake him up, one has to go to the extremes.

I step onto the cold tile in the bathroom, and fill a glass with freezing cold water. Okay, so it isn't the master plan of all plans, but usually its pretty effective. When it is full, I push open my brother's door, not caring if I'm loud, because he won't wake up. The mix of dirty and clean clothes on the floor makes it hard to see where I'm going. I finally make it to the bed and dump the whole glass of water on top of his sleeping head.

"What the fuck was that for?" Austin yelps.

I try to stifle my laughter, but a giggle bursts out of me. Before I know it, I'm on the floor laughing. Austin takes that as a perfect opportunity to get revenge, and jumps off the bed on top of me.

"EEK!" I squeal. "Get off me!"

"Haha that's what you get, little sis. Next time, don't dump ice cold water on my head to wake me up!" he says.

"AUSTIN! I'm serious! Get your big fat body off of me!" I whine. "NOW!"

"Nope," and he proceeds to tickle my stomach.

I decide to try a new tactic. "Hey Austin," I say, "I made pancakes! They're downstairs. Ethan and Dylan are already down there. If you want any, you better hurry."

"Fine, but I'm not done with you yet," he warns, as he picks himself up, shaking his long brown hair out of his dark brown eyes. He walks out of his room, me scampering after him trying to keep up. We walk down the stairs into the kitchen. I pull out a chair and sit down across from Beth. She looks up from her food, glances from me to Austin and back to me again.

"Nice job! Lemme guess. From his wet hair, I'm going to say that you dumped water on him?" she guesses.

"Yup yup. It worked surprisingly well," I say.

When I'm done eating, I run back upstairs to my parent's bedroom. My dad is still sleeping. I walk over and call, "Dad! Mom said I have to wake you up before I leave the house."

"Okay honey. Is everyone awake?" he asks.

"Yeah," I reply. "They're in the kitchen eating. I made pancakes."

"Oooh, okay. I'm gonna join them. Go have fun."

"Thanks dad. I'll call you if I'm going to be late," I say.

"Love you," he answers, as I walk out his door.

I think that one of the reasons that Roxanne, Adriane, and I have become so close, is that we all live on the same street. Our parents know each other really well, so they never have a problem with us going over to each other's houses or sleeping over. It's pretty convenient, if you ask me.

I walk up the stone walkway to Roxy's house to pick her up. I ring the doorbell and hop from foot to foot impatiently. Roxy's twin brother, Brady, opens the door. I've known Brady since like forever, and he hung out with us until we got to middle school. Then he decided that he didn't want to hang with us girls anymore, and became one of the popular kids. Let's put it this way: although Roxy, Adriane, and I aren't anywhere near popular, we aren't considered losers either. In fact, Roxanne being Brady's sister has helped our social status some. Not that we want to be popular; we just don't want to be losers, if that makes any sense. If being popular means hanging out with Ashlee and her crowd, we are perfectly content to stay where we are. Roxanne and Brady have the same brilliant green eyes and chocolate brown hair. Brady's hair is long like my brother's, and partially obscures one eye.  I absolutely adore Roxy's hair. It's long, hangs down to her mid back, and has loose, natural curls.

"Hey Cara," Brady greets, holding the door open for me. "What's up?"

"Not much. Just picking up Roxy. She in her room?" I ask.

"Yep," he says.

"Kay thanks."

I climb the huge stairway to the second floor in the Cathart home. I stand in the doorway of Roxy's room, looking in. She has a huge bed with a canopy, and her walls are painted purple, her favorite color.

"Cara Belowski!" Roxy shrieks, like she hasn't seen me in days.

"Roxanne Cathart!" I scream, equally excited.

Then we both crack up. That never gets any less funny. It's our typical way of saying hello.

"Whatcha up to?" I ask.

"Eh, not much. Let's go to Adriane's."

"Kay kay," I answer.

We walk down her driveway and cross the street to Adriane's house. She opens the door before we could ring. She must have seen us coming.

"Roxanne Cathart! Cara Belowski!" she screams.

"Adriane Calisto!" we scream back.

"Come on guys, I have this awesome new place I found! I thought we could spend our last day of spring break there!" Adriane says. She pulls the front door closed behind her and runs down the walk ahead of us. Adriane has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She, unlike me and Roxy, is an only child. Adriane is always bouncing up and down. Today is no different. She grabs both our hands and drags us down the street. When we get to the corner, she pulls us to the left, towards the woods. I've never been down this way. We have always turned right to go to school, the beach, the movies, the mall, etc. Everywhere is to the right. So what is to the left that Adriane wants to show us so badly?

"Ade, where exactly are we going? This is kinda creepy. It's all dark and it's only 10am," Roxy asks. "Please tell me we are not camping in the woods or something!"

"Hey chill. We are going through the woods to the other side. We are not staying in these woods any longer than absolutely necessary, don't worry," Adriane answers calmly. 

She lets go of our hands and starts toward the path at the edge of the trees. We start down the path, jumping over rocks and tree roots, ducking tree branches, and swatting flies. Finally, after what feels like forever, but is only 10 clock minutes, we see the sunlight through the cracks in the trees. We push our way through the last branches, and stare the most beautiful sight ever...


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