The game
Author: Peter Licari

Chapter 13
The Game Is Over

The man continued to stare at the camera while the S.W.A.T. men continued to demand he put down his remote.

“Well this won’t do will it?” he said to the camera, not budging an inch.

“Drop the remote before we shoot!” One of the S.W.A.T. team members ordered.

There was a pause as the man seemed to consider what to do.

“Please stay tuned to this important message.” He said raising his remote to the camera and clicking a button on it.

“No!” Parker yelled, bracing himself for a bullet through his head. He heard a gunshot, flinched and clenched his eyes shut, convinced that he was now deceased. A moment passed and he realized that he was still breathing and his heart was still beating. Miraculously, Robert Parker was still alive. He opened his eyes and saw the man in the mask stand there a moment with a hole in his chest. In second or two though, he dropped to the ground. He was dead before he even made contact with the concrete flooring.

S.W.A.T. team members burst into the room by the dozen and quickly scanned the area. A few men headed strait to parker’s partner and managed to cut the chain off from around his neck with a pair of cutters. However, a few men tried the same trick on Parker’s chain but to no avail.

“What?!” Parker yelled.

“Sir, calm down. Everything’s under control.” One man said.

“Frank!” Another man yelled while inspecting Parker’s chain. “These chains won’t come off. They seem to be computer activated; they’re programmed to release upon a command.”

“What?!” Parker bellowed again. “Just get me the h--- out of here!”

“Sir, we’re trying! Don’t worry, the situation is under control!” The first man repeated.

“Hey guys!” A third one called out. “Take a look at this.”

The men walked over to the podium where the other man was, looked down and saw a timer with a bar graph.

“What is this?” The first man asked.

“It looks like a poll.” Said the third one.

“And that timer?” Asked the second.

“It looks to be how much time the voters have left.” The third man replied.

“What are they voting on?!” Demanded another man who came and started looking at the screen in the podium.

“Whether or not he should be punished” One of them murmured.

“What’s that one on the right that’s getting bigger?” The first man asked.

“Those who think he should.” The third man said.

The clock reached zero and a voice came over the speakers.

“Mr. Parker!” Came the voice of the masked man

“No” Parker wimpered.

“Game over” the voice said.

The gun from above Parker’s head fired its round strait into his skull. The S.W.A.T. team looked on in horror as the cuffs that bound him released and his corpse slide to the floor. Parker’s blood began to pool from his head and his eyes began to dim until they too were as dead as their owner.


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