The game
Author: Peter Licari

Chapter 12
A Decision to Be Made

“Mr. Parker,” the man said over the still boiling crowd. “We want an answer.”

“Your damn right we do!” Daniels shouted as his neighbors called out similar demands.

Parker looked as if he was mumbling something to himself to try and control his emotion again. Daniels wasn’t happy with that and neither was the rest of the neighborhood.

“C’mon pretty boy!” he yelled out. “Talk pretty boy, c’mon. Oh what’s the matter, did you lose your voice?!”

“Mr. Parker,” the man said in an annoyed tone. “We want an answer.”

More approval came out from the nation. They continued to cheer even as it was obvious Parker was slipping.

“What do you want from me?!” Parker screamed.

The nation hushed almost immediately, the tension was almost palpable.

What the h--- do you gain from chaining me up like an animal? What is it you want?!” He bellowed at the painfully silent nation. “Huh?! What do you want you bastard?! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!”

The nation stayed silent as Parker finally broke down and began to weep.

A minute passed in absolute quiet before the man began to speak again.

“What do I want Mr. Parker?” he whispered. “What I want is what the people want. We want the truth. We are tired of your games; we want this corruption to end!”

Daniels began to nod and feel the fire rebuild in his soul.

 “What do I intend to gain, you ask? I intend to gain the knowledge that now everyone in this grand nation knows what kind of monster you truly are. I want justice Mr. Parker, and it is about to be delivered.”

“Deliver it.” Daniels muttered for the nation.

The man pulled up his remote and showed it to the nation. Daniels sighed in relief; he knew it was nearly over. Soon this monster would be no more.

“No!” Parker cried out. “No! Please!”

“Do it!” A voice from the building called out.

“I’m sorry Mr. Parker, but you have lost the game.” The man said as his finger started to descend.

The nation watched intently and waited for the game to be finished.

An explosion from behind the set shook the image of the man as dirt started to distort the image. Men in uniform began to rush into the room and order the masked man to drop the remote. Parker started to cry out and thank god that he was saved. The man looked into the eyes of his audience.

“Well this won’t do will it?” he asked.

“Drop the remote before we shoot!” one man ordered.

“Please stay tuned to this important message.” He said and the televisions of America were once again filled with static.

Daniels stared at the screen and wondered what else he would have to see that night.

After a minute the image of the man came up in front of the masses once more, except this time he was in a lavish study with a fire place licking the wood and bookshelves lining the walls.

“Hello my friends.” The man began. “If you are watching this then that means the police have found me and have ended my game. So because it is no longer up to me whether this man is punished or not, I am leaving it up to you.

“In a moment you will be asked to vote on whether or not Mr. Parker should be punished for his crimes. His business partner has suffered enough I think and has learned his lesson so he will be free regardless of your choice. Right now, you are deciding solely on the fate of Mr. Robert Parker.

“I advise you all to remember his travesties as you, the nation, decides on his fate. I am certain you will make the right decision.

“In a moment you will vote your decision. If you think he should be punished, push the channel button in the up direction. If you think he should not be punished for his crimes, then push the channel button in the down direction. You have the next sixty seconds to vote America. Starting now.”

The image changed into a black screen with red lettering relaying the instructions on how to vote once more while a clock in green digits started counting down from sixty.

Daniels stared at the screen and instantly grabbed his remote and he cast his vote. He then sat and waited for the timer to count down and see if the monster known as Robert Parker was going to be punished for his misdeeds.


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