The game
Author: Peter Licari

Chapter 11
Saved By The Bomb

“Well now Mr. Parker,” the man said staring at Parker, “here is your fourth and possibly last question.”

Parker continued to hyperventilate over the sounds of his increasingly oxygen deprived business partner. There wasn’t much more he could ask. He could still be saved. There was still a chance.

“In 2006” the man began. “A bill was presented before congress that would essentially make the illegal dumping your company did so well, be grounds for disbanding the company. It was a bill that both sides of the spectrum agreed to, so it was to go for a vote. However, the congressman who put forth the idea died while asleep in his office of ‘cardiac arrest.’ What was peculiar about his death though, was that there was a small hole in the artery in his neck. Doctors were baffled but they ruled his death accidental.”

“Oh god no.” Parker wimpered as his chest became heavier with his fear. It flooded his lungs, seeped into his blood and began to flood his brain. He was praying to a god that he hadn’t had the need to pray to in years, just so he wouldn’t ask that question.

“After he was put to rest,” the man continued, there was no stopping him. “The congress put his proposal to rest. Imagine the relief of your company Mr. Parker, not having to be disbanded because of some goody-two-shoes congressman. However, in 2008, a video from one of the security cameras that observed his office was leaked out by a security guard who had been living quiet well over the previous two years that showed something incredible. It showed a man wearing black gloves with a shaved bald head, take a needle and inject an air bubble into the bloodstream of the late congressman. The congressman, in short, was murdered.”

“No.” Parker hissed. “No. No. No. No! This isn’t right! He can’t ask this, he just can’t! there’s no evidence, none!”

As if he could hear Parkers pathetic dribble, the man continued by saying, “The man in the video was never found by police, but he was recorded in Ireland talking about his deed to a close friend while both were heavily intoxicated.”

The man clicked a button on his remote and a fuzzy recording came over the speakers. Parker felt sick to his stomach. There’s no way, he would’ve known about this. This couldn’t have been happening!

“So what did you do that was so bad?” One of the voices on the recording asked.

“I killed a man. Not just any man though, a congressman!” Another voice responded.

“A congressman?” asked the first.

“Yeah,” the second replied. “A d---ed American politician. And what’s even worse is that it was a paid job. For one day, I was someone’s hired killer.”

“Who hired you?” the first man asked.

“I can’t tell you…” the second man whispered.

“Why not?” asked the first man sounding surprised.

“Because they said if I told anyone, they would kill my wife and family.” The second man declared. “Man, who’s going to know?” the first man asked. “Odds are that we’re so wasted that we’ll forget half this week not to mention this conversation.”

A pause came over the fuzzy recording.

“Yeah, I guess… I need to get this off my chest.”

“Go ahead man, tell me.”

“I was hired by Chemicorp.”

The recording stopped and a moment of silence fell in the chamber. The only sound was the gagging of the nearly suspended man a few feet away. Parker could have sworn he felt his heart stop.

 “Now Mr. Parker,” the man said in the painfully quiet room. “How much did you pay this man to directly murder member of the congress of these United States? How much did you pay him to kill a politician who for once had honorable intentions, just so you could sustain you billions of dollars?”

“I have to stall,” Parker murmured. “Yes that’s it I have to stall.”

“Mr. Parker,” the man said. “We want an answer.”

“An answer?” Parker whispered hoarsely to himself. “You want what now?”

“Now Mr. Parker, before it’s game over!” The man yelled.

A snap went off in Parker’s head and he broke down into hysterics.

“What do you want from me?!” He yelled to the man. “What the h--- do you gain from chaining me up like an animal? What is it you want?!”

The man was silent and seemed shocked at Parker’s out cry.

“Huh?!” Parker shrieked. “What do you want you bastard?! WHAT DO YOU WANT!”

He began to weep while the man stood there staring at him from behind his mask.

“What do I want Mr. Parker?” the man whispered. “What I want is what the people want. We want the truth. We are tired of your games; we want this corruption to end! What do I intend to gain, you ask? I intend to gain the knowledge that now everyone in this grand nation knows what kind of monster you truly are. I want justice Mr. Parker, and it is about to be delivered.”

He pulled up the remote in full view of the camera and began to shift his pointer finger towards one of the buttons.

“No!” Parker screamed. “No! Please!”

“I’m sorry Mr. Parker, but you have lost the game.” The man said and started to lower his finger.

An explosion rang out from behind the podium causing dust and debris to fly into the room. The man turned and was met by several S.W.A.T. members who had there guns pointed at him, demanding that he drop the remote.

Parker began to cry in relief.

“Thank you god!” he announced tears rolling down his cheek. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


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