The game
Author: Peter Licari

Chapter 10
Cardiac Assasination

Daniels clenched the edge of his armrest as Parker began to speak.

“Well sir.” He began. “Let me first say that I do remember the case in which you are talking about and if I do recall, I didn’t kill that girl.”

“Oh go screw yourself with your fancy talk!” Daniels heard someone from the floor above announce. He smiled. His sentiments exactly.

 “The jurors proved that my company wasn’t the source of those chemicals and-”

The masked man cut him off, saving Daniels and the rest of the nation from class ‘A’ fecal- speak.

“Mr. Parker.” The man whispered, sending the small hairs on the back of Daniels’ neck strait up. “I, as well as the people watching this, would prefer you try to not baffle us with your ‘suave’ speaking skills.”

“D--- right!” Yet another neighbor declared.

 “You have 7 seconds to answer the question before I simply give you your second strike.”

Daniels smiled as the camera focused back in on Parker.

“Try to get out of that one pretty boy” he muttered.

Parker started to stumble and stutter over his speech until he final shouted his answer.

“Six months!” Parker yelled.

Daniels pondered over his answer. Was he that stupid or is he just trying to continue ruin his reputation. When is it ever an even six months? That number seemed so much like a medical show cliché he started hoping that Hugh Laurie would appear on the screen and diagnose him with Class A retardation.

The buzzer sounded again as the screen flipped over to the man hanging by his chain being yanked into the air by a few more inches. Daniels didn’t scream this time. This time, it was more predictable. Plus, he was sure that the man in that chain-noose wasn’t exactly a saint either.

“Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Parker,” the man said seeming to be holding back some rage. “But that again is a little off. You may have been thinking of how long the medical experts speculated she had left. The actual amount of time however is four months and 19 days. Tough break, you have two of three strikes possible and you have two questions remaining. You might want to get your thoughts together sir, before they get blown out of your mind.”

Daniels hated to admit it to himself but he sort of wanted the monster to pay. He may not have wanted to make him lose his life, but he certainly wanted Parker to pay. He was hoping that someday, hopefully that day, that terrible fiend would pay for his crimes.

“Let’s keep this pony show moving Mr. Parker, On to what could very well be, your final question.” The man said.

The camera went to Parker. For the first time that night, he started to look truly concerned and afraid.

“Bout time.” Daniels muttered to himself.

“Well now Mr. Parker,” the man said, here is your fourth and possibly last question.”

The nation held its breath.

“In 2006 a bill was presented before congress that would essentially make the illegal dumping your company did so well, be grounds for disbanding the company. It was a bill that both sides of the spectrum agreed to, so it was to go for a vote. However, the congressman who put forth the idea died while asleep in his office of ‘cardiac arrest.’ What was peculiar about his death though, was that there was a small hole in the artery in his neck. Doctors were baffled but they ruled his death accidental.”

“What does this have to do with this guy?” Daniels growled impatiently.

“After he was put to rest, the congress put his proposal to rest. Imagine the relief of your company Mr. Parker, not having to be disbanded because of some goody-two-shoes congressman. However, in 2008, a video from one of the security cameras that observed his office was leaked out by a security guard who had been living quiet well over the previous two years that showed something incredible. It showed a man wearing black gloves with a shaved bald head, take a needle and inject an air bubble into the bloodstream of the late congressman. The congressman, in short, was murdered.”

A chill went down Daniel’s spine. No. He couldn’t be that evil. Not even scum like Parker could do something so vile.

“The man in the video was never found by police, but was recorded in Ireland talking about his deed to a close friend while both were heavily intoxicated.”

The man clicked a button on his remote and a fuzzy recording came over the speakers.

“So what did you do that was so bad?” One of the voices asked.

“I killed a man, not just any man though, a congressman!” Another voice responded.

“A congressman?” asked the first.

“Yeah,” the second replied. “A d---ed American politician. And what’s even worse is that it was a paid job. For one day, I was someone’s hired killer.”

“Who hired you?” the first man asked.

“I can’t tell you…” the second man whispered.

“Why not?” asked the first man sounding surprised.

“Because they said if I told anyone, they would kill my wife and family.” The second man declared.

“Man, who’s going to know?” the first man asked. “Odds are that we’re so wasted that we’ll forget half this week not to mention this conversation.”

A pause came over the fuzzy recording.

“Yeah, I guess… I need to get this off my chest.”

“Go ahead man, tell me.”

“I was hired by Chemicorp.”

The recording stopped and a moment of silence came over the airwaves of America. In a moment however, that silence was quickly replaced by shouts of anger and frustration from the American people.

Daniels wasn’t an exception. He joined his neighbors and began to swear at Parker. Swear at his evil. Swear at the d---able things he had done.

“Now Mr. Parker,” the man said over the roaring audience. “How much did you pay this man to directly murder member of the congress of these United States? How much did you pay him to kill a politician who for once had honorable intentions, just so you could sustain you billions of dollars?”

The nation roared in fury while Parker stood there in his chains and for once looking absolutely terrified in front of it.


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