Wendy, Griffith and Olivia's Ribbon
Author: Rosie Jane<3

Chapter 2
I'm A Unicorn

"I'm a Unicorn" he said.
"Aren’t unicorn horses?" she said, leaning back on her heels. This thing looked more like something you’d find in a mythical creatures book.
 "You humans twisted around what I really am. Don’t you see the horn on my head?" he pointed to a little, sparkly  horn on his forehead. He had teeny tiny wings on his back and Wendy giggled. He was actually kind of adorable. She reached out and touched the fur on his stomach.
“Your fuzzy,” she smiled. The creature eased into a smile, showing his shiny teeth. They were round on the ends which meant he didn’t eat meat. Wendy remembered that from her lessons at school. Wendy stopped smiling and took a step back.
“Where am I?” she asked the creature, looking straight into his eyes.
“This place doesn’t have a name.” the beast said, swaying to the side. “We just call it Land.”
“Is there a way out?” asked Wendy, her voice trembling.
“Yes,” said the beast, “but we have to walk day and night to find Olivia’s sailboat.”
“Who’s Olivia?” asked Wendy, stepping closer to the beast.
“She was the first child to ever come to this Land. She brought her toy sailboat which the dragon turned into a real sailboat. She sailed it to the island in the middle of the Sea and climbed the tallest tree, which is the way out. She left her ribbon there, which is now the key out.” The beast started walking farther into the forest.
“Wait!” called Wendy, jumping on his back. “You have to take me there! I miss my mom and my pop.”
The beast stumbled slightly but stayed on his large feet. “ Little girl, I’m not sure if I can take you. Dangerous Sea creatures live in the Sea and I can’t fight them all off.” he kept tromping in the direction away from the Sea.
“Please! I must go back! My momma will miss me too much!” Wendy started to cry onto the beasts fur, and the beast didn’t like the feeling.
He thought for a long while and then spoke.
“ Can I keep your ribbon?” he asked.
“Yes. Yes, anything!” cried Wendy.
“Then I will take you. We start walking tonight.” He turned around and lowered the little girl off his back. They started walking towards the horizon and little Wendy slid her hand into the beasts’ hand that was nearly nine times the size of hers, smiling at him.
“My name’s Wendy, by the way. What’s yours?” she looked up at the beasts’ face.
“I don’t have a name.” said the beast, looking down at Wendy.
“Then I shall name you...perhaps Griffith?” asked Wendy, her eyes lighting up.
“Yes,” smiled the beast. “Griffith.”
And then Wendy and Griffith started on their Journey to find Olivia’s ribbon.


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