Wendy, Griffith and Olivia's Ribbon
Author: Rosie Jane<3

Chapter 1
The Street Lamp

The West Newport Park was slowly becoming less crowded. On this particular night, Wendy Hale sat on a park bench, slouching. Wendy held in her hands “The Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe” one of her favorite books. A couple in delicately formal  clothes walked by, the man tipping his top hat to young Wendy. Wendy nodded back and reached up to fix her pale pink bow. She sat up straight again, then wrapping her little fingers around the pages of Robinson Crusoe. The sun was setting and Wendy’s mother would be expecting her home soon. It was almost supper time and Wendy was awfully hungry. She was hoping her mother would make her Welsh soup. She always liked to have a little taste of home. While little Wendy was licking her lips, thinking of her mother and her cook’s cooking, the street lamp beside her burned out, and she was unable to see the pages of her book. She huffed and knitted her eyebrows together, standing up on the wooden bench. She peered into the lamp, searching for a match that was perhaps left inside. She heard footsteps behind her and turned around on her heel. A man stood about a foot in front of her, his grin missing teeth, his hair an uncommon orange. His top hat was blue and, his suit was orange, even the coat-tail, with a blue ascot. His eyes were a crazy yellow-like color. Wendy jumped and yelped, slipping off the bench. The man caught the little girl and set her down.
“I didn’t mean to scare you, love.” said the man, a peculiar grin on his face. Wendy gulped and reached for her book.
“ Now Sweetheart, do you need a match?” he pulled out a match from under his hat and held it out towards the girl. She took the match from the gentleman and said in her thick Welsh accent, “ Yes sir, thank you.” but when she looked up, he was no longer there.
Still a little chilled from the man, Wendy proceeded to climb onto the bench, tall for her petite size. She stood up and opened the glass on the lamp and stood on her tippy-toes. Staring into the lamp, it appeared that there was some oil still in the lamp from the last candle. She reached her fragile arm into the lamp and the match instantly caught on fire. She gasped and then swirled her hand around to find the candle. When the candle was lit however, it gave off no heat, instead giving off cold air. Wendy pulled her hand out, dropping the match and pulled her head into the lamp. She breathed in and her lungs were filled with cold air. Her Robinson Crusoe book slipped from her hand and she pulled her head out of the lamp, jumping down from the bench. She picked up her book and stood back up. Wendy was confused at what she saw. She did not see a trail of red bricks and a pond with ducklings in it. She did not see her three story house in the distance, a cheery yellow with blue shutters. Instead she saw trees, tall trees with red and orange leaves at the very top. She took a step forward and something crunched. She stepped backwards, gasping but it was only leaves. Wendy brought her hand to her mouth. She didn’t know where she could possibly be. She was all alone and lost. She sat Indian-style on the leaves, holding her Robinson Crusoe book tightly to her chest. She closed her eyes and thought that if she fell asleep, she would wake up in her bed, with all her princess toys and her Robinson Crusoe toys. She hummed the tune to her favorite song that her daddy used to play for her. She rocked slowly back and forth, lost in a memory. Something pulled on the back of her head slightly, and she figured it was just her braid slipping. Another tug, and another, and another. Wendy broke out of her memory when she felt her reddish-brown hair fall onto back. She craned her neck around to see a fluffy animal, about 7 feet tall running sloppily away with her ribbon.
“Hey!” Wendy called, “Excuse me!” She stood up and began to run after the creature that had small wings on it’s back.
The animal stumbled several times and Wendy began to get tired of running. She stopped to catch her breath and noticed a fist sized rock sitting in the leaves. She picked up the rock and ran a little closer to the animal who was now slowing down. She stopped, hurling the rock at his back. The animal yelled in pain and fell to the ground. Quickly, Wendy ran up to the animal who was now laying on it’s back.
“I want my ribbon!”screamed Wendy, holding out her chubby, little hand. The beast stared straight into her eyes, his big and sparkly. Her expression wilted and she pulled her hand back to her side. His eyes reminded her of her mother’s and she sat down next to the wounded animal.
“Do you have a mother?” asked Wendy, staring into the sky. The animal just turned it’s head and looked at the girl again.
“Well,” said Wendy, lifting her eyebrows, “Do you?” She stared at the creature and it stared back for at least 5 minutes until it opened it’s mouth, “No” said the beast, turning his head the other way.
“Do you want a mom?” she kept staring up at the pink sky.
“I Do not know” said the creature, sitting up and standing. Wendy did the same.
"What are you anyway?" she said as she stared at the tall white creature in front of her.


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