The Unthinkable Has Occurred
Author: Brianna

Chapter 1
Why The Hell Am I Up This Early?

--Cara's POV--

Ring Ring

Ring Ring

 The ringing phone wakes me up. I roll over and pull the pillow over my head, trying to muffle the sound. It doesn’t work.

Ring Ring

I groan and push the covers off of me. I fumble with my fluffy slippers, struggling to slide my feet into them.

Ring Ring

I shove myself off the bed toward the light switch. I blindly wave my hands out in front of me, anticipating anything coming.

"OOF," I grunt, when I trip over something unanticipated on the floor. I can't, for the life of me, remember what it is. I mean, how can I? I has to be like 5 in the morning!! My searching hand finally finds the light switch, and flicks it on.

Ring Ring

I squint in the way too bright light. Now, where had I left that darn phone? I finally spot it on my beautiful white dresser. I reach forward, hand about an inch from the phone, when I hear the subtle click that means the unknown person hung up.

“Ohh shit,” I groan, when I realize that I got out of my warm bed for absolutely no reason.

I glance over at my Tweety Bird clock, wondering yet again when my mother will realize that I'm not five anymore. My clock reads 7:14.

Being as I don't have school today, I decide I might as well get dressed. It's not like I'm going to be able to go back to sleep, now that I'm fully awake. I pick up my phone and check to see who had wanted to ruin my morning. I groan again. It was Lucy, this really obnoxious girl who considers me to be her best friend. It's not like I need a best friend anyway. I have two actually. I laugh out loud, thinking about how much of a mess we had made in Roxy's kitchen yesterday in an attempt to make cookies.

We had decided to make cookies because there was absolutely nothing left to do. It was spring break, and had been for the last 9 days. We had gone to the mall at least 7 times, gone to the beach at least 6, saw "17 Again" too many times to count, and watched tv in Adriane's den the other billion hours that we weren't sleeping or eating. So, because there was nothing left in this town of Salida to do, we had the brilliant idea that making cookies would be worthwhile. BIG MISTAKE!!! Let's just say we didn't end up with cookies. Between the flour fight, Adriane eating the cookie dough, and Roxy not realizing the difference between baking powder and baking soda...the remaining dough didn't make such great peanut butter cup cookies. We did have a lot of fun though (and a lot to clean up, including ourselves).

I open my bedroom door, and walk across the hall to the bathroom. I turn on the water and while I wait for it to warm up, I scrutinize myself in the mirror. People are always telling me that I can be a model, but I don't really see what is so special about me. I mean, its not like I have beautiful bright blue eyes and blonde hair! I'm just plain old me: light brown hair and brown, almost gold, eyes. I'm not even that tall! I am only about 5'4". Then again, when I wear heels, I do tower over my friends. Even my personality isn't all that out-of-the-ordinary. I'm always sarcastic. I'm funny. And my friends always know that no matter what they tell me, I will never tell another soul. You'd be surprised how much it means to people when you have never told someone's secret!

I get into the shower and think about how I'm going to spend the last day of spring break. Finally! Don't get me wrong: I love vacation. It's just that after a while, it gets extremely boring. I shut off the water and step out of the shower. I put on my favorite magenta tube top, cuffed denim shorts and wedged sandals. I sit down in front of my mirror, draw my black eyeliner along the top of my lashes and my waterline, and brush on some mascara. I stab earrings through my ears, grab my Chanel bag and phone, and run down the stairs to the kitchen.

The smell of burning pancakes greets me. "MOM!" I yell. "Didn't I tell you that I would make the pancakes this morning?"

"Sorry honey. You can take over now. Hey, why are you up this early? It's only 8:30! You're never up this early!" my mom answers.

"Yeah I know, I totally missed out on my beauty sleep," I joke. "Lucy called me at like a quarter after 7. She annoys me every waking second; why can't she let me be when I'm sleeping?"

"Honey, maybe she's lonely. Maybe she feels like you'll like her more, if you're around her more. I don't know. Just try to be nice to her. You don't know what she may be going through."

What could a fifteen year old be going through that means she has to annoy me THIS much? I don't say that aloud though, because it seems like today is a good day between me and my mom so far. We definitely don't get along well at all. We are constantly yelling our heads off at each other, because she still doesn't get the fact that I'm fifteen, and don't need her breathing down my back.

My mother hands me the spatula. "When your siblings wake up, make sure they eat and that your father is awake before you leave the house, okay?"

"Okay," I say.

"Then I'm gonna leave now. Don't forget what I just said," she reminds me.

"I won't mom. You can leave. I'll be fine." I finally convince her and the door shuts behind her.

Less than 10 minutes later, I have a heap of pancakes on a plate on the kitchen table. I run upstairs to wake my siblings. I knock on Dylan and Ethan's door, then peek my head in. They are both still fast asleep on opposite ends of the room. "Hey rise and shine sleepy heads! Time to get up! Pancakes are waiting downstairs," I tell them.

"Coming! Coming!" They sit up and look at me, yawning. The twins are nine, and they look identical. Both of them have dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. They both have dimples when they smile, and can never stay out of trouble.

"Kay, I'm going to wake up the others. Mom already left for work. Help yourself to pancakes, but PLEASE leave some for the rest of us!" I plead.

"Okay Cara," they say at the same time. I roll my eyes, and move down the hall to Bethany's room. 

I push the door open and walk into my sister's room. Bethany is like my opposite. I'm abnormally neat, and she is abnormally messy. Everyone loves my sister though. How could you hate the gorgeous girl with pale blonde hair and hazel eyes? Even I don't hate my thirteen year old sister, although I do find myself jealous of her quite often. How does she get the blonde hair, hazel eyes, and I get the brown hair, brown eyes? Sometimes life is so unfair! She gets her hair from my mom though, while I get mine from my dad.

i carefully step around the heaps of designer clothes on the floor, and shake my sister's shoulder to wake her up. 

"Whaddya want?" Beth grumbles.

"Come on sis. If you want any pancakes, you better get your ass downstairs. I already sent the twins down, and I have a feeling they're not going to listen to me."

My sister perks up when I say 'pancakes.' "Where's mom?" she asks.

"She went to work already. She told me that once you guys eat, I have to wake dad, and then I can leave," I answer. "Hurry up. I have to wake up Austin still, and I have to meet Roxy and Adriane asap."

Bethany giggles, as she walks after me out the door. "Haha good luck waking up Austin!"

I grin wickedly. "Don't worry. I have a plan!"


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