The M.H.X. Chronicals
Author: marshalg

Chapter 9
The Cast Iron Manhole Cover.












Seldom doth man stop and stare

At the caste iron manhole cover there,

Seldom doth he analyze

The majesty, which beneath it lies.

The pipe work systems vast and long

Dark catacombs so precise and strong,

Buried deep beneath our feet

Extending forth from street to street,

Out across the breadth of town

Those secret fluids trickle down.


Laser levels carve the pathway

Through the walls of solid stone,

Shovels scrape and dig with effort

Forging hard trajectories home.

Digging, digging metal mountains

Sweat cascades upon the brow,

We lay the pipes in straight formation

Precision's satisfaction now.


An Artisan's great work is hidden

Lost beneath the earth's grey stone,

Appreciation camouflaged in that,

The cast iron manhole stands alone.

Magnificence unrealized

For deep beneath your feet,

A subterranean Michelangelo's

Sisteen Chapel, lays discreet.


Unsuspected rivers

Flowing darkly to the sea

In caverns of unwanted waste

Quite unbeknown to thee.

Vaulting brickwork chambers

Which are ancient works of art,

Carry oceans of excretement

Far from where their journey's start.


With thunder's crash and lightning flash

And torrents of cold rain,

The road's awash and gutters flow

Through roadside grates to drain.

Gushing torrents cascade down

In waves of flowing might

To the storm water system

Which promptly swallows it from sight.


Magic, you say ?

Nay, nay I say unto you

That the drain layers artistry

Is unappreciated, that's true !

That the Herculean effort wrought

In winning his great fights

Is largely lost to all and sundry

Who avoid construction sites.

They miss the planning and the layout

And meticulousness too

And the rubber seals which stop the leaks

Which really bother you.

The massive holes and danger

Of being buried in collapse

And the wondrous satisfaction

Of achieving downhill flows... Perhaps!



Apprentice drain layer

MHX Beachcroft site and Eastport

19 September 2009












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