Author: AnnmarieM

Chapter 1

“Why didn’t you ever tell me?”

“I had reasons, Sean.” A pair of wearied, burgundy eyes the shade of loneliness stared across the short distance, to meet an equally tired set of churning blue. “You love her, don’t you?” the boy continued in that same, almost exasperated tone when no reply came from his companion. It was silent then, being broken only by the distant thumping music coming from somewhere else within the school building.

“I guess I do,” Sean finally murmured. It was a defeated admission, but one he had come to accept. He looked up, with an expression of determination set on his face. “Come on, let’s go after her.”

The shadow of a smile tipped the edges of the first boy’s lips, a hollow smile. “Okay,” was all he replied.

And then they ran. Sean could hear the footsteps of his companion slapping loudly along the cold stone of the dark corridor – slap slap slap. It was like a metronome almost; a heartbeat. One after the other, never stopping. It kept him going, reminded him that he was still someone, if not alive. But only one pair of footsteps could be heard, reverberating against the walls.

Finally, they burst out into the night. Cold air rushed up to greet them, smothering their bodies, whipping at their clothes, invading their senses. The school compound was silent; deserted. There were no play areas or benches – just a large square of tarmac and concrete. Shadows grinned maliciously and licked at the floor, waltzing in time to the flickering street lights just across the road. The cracks and chips in the brick walls stood out, painfully obvious in the ominous yellow glow of the lights. But the sky above them was black – no stars and no moon; just black. It all seemed like such a gothic setting, thought Sean absently, like it was Halloween.

“Look, over there! I can see her,” the first boy shouted, muddy brown hair whipping out behind him as he ran. “Hurry up!”

“You’re the one who’s got my legs,” Sean shot back, but quickly complied and urged himself to run faster. This was crucial; there was no time for frivolous musings or bodily – although not in his case – limitations. She was not in the right state of mind at the moment. She needed him, no, them. She needed them, just as much as she needed an explanation and assurance.

They flashed out of the school gates, pouring into the silent street with one pair of footsteps clattering loudly on the pavement as they skidded and made a sharp right turn. Squinting, Sean caught a scarlet flash of hair the colour of fire and the lilac satins of a dress. He felt his friend speeding up beside him. They were gaining on her now, as she ran blindly ahead unaware of her two stalkers.

And then the car came speeding out of nowhere. It was sleek, almost invisible in the night and blended in perfectly with the black sky that watched on above it. For a moment his legs almost failed him. He choked – he couldn’t breathe – because it was so painfully blatant that she would be hit. She stopped right in the middle of the road, as golden headlights illuminated her stunned and tear-stained expression for mere moments.

And then a deafening scream rang through the night.

It happened too fast. Sean squeezed his eyes shut, so that he wouldn’t have to see, could somehow try to block it out. It wasn’t right – it couldn’t just end like this, after everything that had happened. When he opened them however, she was still there; still standing there with the car stopped mere metres away.

But Sean saw none of it. His eyes were immediately drawn to the crumpled body, spotlighted by the car headlights, that lay just in front of the girl – his body.

He wanted to scream as well, tried to, but nothing made its way past his lips except for empty air. This was the worst case scenario. It had to be some horrible, twisted nightmare. He’d had them before, right? He struggled to breathe in and waited, waited for shuddering rasps or movements from the body, some sort of indication that he was still alive.

It was simply nothing more than a false alarm, he tried to convince himself. He was not standing there, as motionless and useless as always, watching himself die.

 So he waited, but the body did not move.






















A/N: Wow, I love the font on this website! It's so neat! Anyway, hi *waves* If anyone's read my other book 'Cold Water' then I know, this prologue probably isn't my best piece of writing. And it's definitely not my style. It's third person for one (which I'm terrible at writing) and there's no angst! (yet). In fact, I bet this prologue eludes you into believing there's a really well, elaborately thought out plot. Sorry to disappoint, but again the plot isn't all that great because as far as I've planned, there isn't going to be a proper antagonist.

Anyway, really this story is just a side-story at the moment. I honestly don't like it as much as my other one (although that probably has something to do with the other one being full of mary-sues and personal fantasies). Why am I telling you all of this? *smacks forehead* Anyway, please please comment! I don't normally do fantasy, so feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

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