Torn Shadows
Author: Specklez

Chapter 1
Chapter 1: The Firebird and his Apprentice

A clear blue sky greeted the new day as the last star's light flickered off. A cool breeze brought with it the scent of pine as it stirred the meadow. Tall and mighty the rocky, white capped mountains stood looming over the valley.

Suddenly, a ball of fire shot through the sky. A meteor? No, A bird. Not just any bird. A phoenix. It landed gracefully on a rock, one of the only things that could handle it. It's flames of bright ginger tipped with red suddenly ceased to exist, leaving only shaped markings in their place.

"Thunda is here!"

It's voice was male and gruff. Something flapped in a clump of taller grass. A young griffin stepped out. A female. She spoke in a hushed tome, "So is Nisha."

Thunda clacked his beak in annoyance. "Indeed." He eyed her sternly. Nisha cowered under the gaze of amber and black. 'What's with him?' She thought indignantly. "Thunda's flames sprang back up.

"Come. Iah will be wondering where I- I mean we - are." He ordered. Nisha watched him for a moment as he launched himself into the sky like a flaming arrow, his flames lapping hungrily at a cloud that soon dissappeared with the heat.

The breeze had returned. Nisha took to the air as she followed Thunda through the mountains, He was almost twice her size bit the griffin was a good deal stronger than him. She dipped down as they shot through a wall of rushing water.

Nisha suppressed giggles until she could no longer contain them.

"Why the long face?" She whooped with laughter at Thunda.

The phoenix was black with ashes that hid his flame markings, dripping wet and Nisha could feel a very, very large amount of fury radiating from him.

"Perhaps we should... have taken the long way?" Thunda grumbled.

Suddenly, he sped up before gracefully landing on a rocky ledge, folding his long wings. "We're here!" He announced.

Nisha landed beside him, craning her neck to see above the ridge that went up several feet into the air. She stared at the sight in wonder and awe.


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