The Cat Story- (Wormkits Siblings and his View)
Author: Silverstone

Chapter 14
Chapter Fourteen

Sparrowpaw’s grew huge as she saw Frostfeather carrying the body of the limp ginger she-cat.

 “No” Sparrowpaw murmured as she laid the body on the ground. Sparrowpaw went over to share tongues with her old friend.


"Where is Blackpaws body"  Sparrowpaw choked out her eyes displaying a scene of sadness and grief.  "He drowned in the river"  Snowfeather said her blue eyes watery.  He was swimming next to me and he just dissapeared in the water.  He never came up.


Snowfeather sighed and pushed her head into Mousefires pelt. 


"At least you saved our kits dearest" he told his distraught mate and asked Shimmerstar were the queens den was.

 Fawnwing fur tasted like charcoal and dirt but none of it mattered, Blackpaw and Fawnwing were dead. Wormpaw looked down and licked his sister.


" I can't bealive that I'm seeing you again"  he said. 


Sparrowpaw looked up at her long lost brother.  "I missed you so much" she said, "I wish it was a more joyful time to be reunited though".


"Come with me"  Wormkit told her broken hearted sister and led her behind the apprentices den.


"Tell me what has happened"  he said.


Sparrowpaw explained it all....


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