The Cat Story- (Wormkits Siblings and his View)
Author: Silverstone

Chapter 13
Chapter Thirteen

Wormpaw woke up after having the strange dream. If StarClan showed it to him it must have him in it.

It would easily make since if it was him Finchkit and Sparrowkit in the prophecy. Then Wormpaw remembered Finchkit and how she couldn’t escape the grasp of what he thought had been RushClan warriors. And how about Sparrowkit, was she a apprentice now.

 And did Snowfeather and Mousefire ever get over losing there son and daughter.  How about if RushClan killed her. And how about the two EagleClan kits. Were they killed to. What if they went back to HollowClan and killed the whole Clan.

 Then Icepaw bounded over to him. “ There’s a gathering tonight” Icepaw told him. That gave Wormpaw a good idea. Sparrowkit, if she’s still alive, may be going too.

  “Can I go?” Wormpaw asked, “That’s why the leader told me to tell you, were both going” Icepaw replied.

Wormpaw smiled and started sharing tongues with Icepaw. Then Wormpaw saw a silver she-cat running into the camp.

She was a adult cat about Wormpaws age. She had sapphire blue eyes and a white tipped tail. She smelled strongly of HollowClan and there was a familiarity about her. Then it hit him. This cat was his sister Sparrowkit.

 Except she didn’t look like Sparrowkit any more. She looked more like Sparrowpaw or sparrow something. She ran right over to him and meowed frantically. “I’m sorry I’m invading your territory, sir, but our territory is on fire and we were wondering if we could shelter in your territory till the fire is quenched”.

 Icepaw had disappeared, probably to tell Nightstar, and Wormpaw was speechless. “Sparrowkit” he said in a hushed tone of voice.

“What, how do you know my na---Her voice trailed off. "Wormkit?".

He nodded and the she-cat engulfed him in licks just as a deep red she-cat with clumps of scorched fur padded into camp.

 Wormpaw recognized it as Maroonfrost, probably Maroonstar now because Tanstar had been on the verge  of death when he had been in HollowClan.

 Following her where his mother Snowfeather and his father Mouse fire each holding a kit in their jaws. The rest of the clan padded in, but it seemed smaller.

 Maroonfrost padded over to Sparrowpaw and dipped her head to Wormpaw. “Fawnwing and Blackpaw are dead”...



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