The Cat Story- (Wormkits Siblings and his View)
Author: Silverstone

Chapter 12
Chapter Twelve

 After the patrol Sparrowpaw rested and was put on the evening patrol. There was a fresh scent of twolegs and the twolegs were hanging out in the forest. They had little white sticks in there mouths and the smell of smoke reeked in the area.  "Ewww"  Sparrowpaw had told Wolfpaw when they had walked past.

 After the evening patrol Sparrowpaw was tuckered out so she went to sleep. She woke up athe next morning.

 Sparrowpaw meowed and yawned, she was happy this morning. Something was wrong though. Definitely wrong. Then she smelled something, SMOKE.

 Sparrowpaw leaped out of her den and crawled onto the Marble Overhang. All she could see was smoke engulfing there territory. There were small bursts of flames leaping throughout the forest. This was a fire that was endangering HollowClan.

 Sparrowpaw knew she had to do something. “Wake up fire” Sparrowpaw meowed but only Wolfpaw got out of her den.

 Probably wondering what I’m doing on the Marble Overhang at sunrise in the morning Sparrowpaw thought.

 Then Sparrowpaw thought quickly let out a loud yowl in protest to wake all the cats up. Reathtail was the first to get out of her den followed by a anxious looking Snowfeather who was expecting more kits.  Why is mom expecting more kits Again Sparrowpaw thought to herself.

 Reathtails three little kits Snarekit, a tabby tom, Reedkit, a small white and tabby she-cat, and Crabkit, a small ginger tabby tom were sticking there small heads out of the nursery.

 Snarekit was wailing because of the smell and most the clan had gathered around the rock. Maroonstar leaped up next to Sparrowpaw and looked out at the forest.  Her eyes grew huge and she winced.


 “Good young apprentice, you saved many of our lives”.

 “Cats of HollowClan there is a tremendous brush fire near the Old Badger Den we need to evacuate the camp” .“Run!”  Yellowfern whispered to Sparrowpaw quickly “Go to NightClan territory and tell them that we will be coming because our forest territory is burning!" 


Sparrowpaw looked at her anxious deputy and nodded quickly.  Be brave She told herself This is to save your Clan, NightClan has to listen

 Sparrowkit started half sliding half climbing down the Marble Overhang.  Her paws hit the ground with a thud and she started running right away.  Her paws felt like rocks at first and fright was over taking her.

 Then a little brown kit piped up crying “What if the fire spreads into NightClan and kills us all”.


“There is a river between here and the other clans territories that will protect them from the fire Gorgekit” Maroonstar said.  “there is nothing to…”.


 But Sparrowpaw didn’t hear the rest she was running towards NightClan territory as fast as her long legs would carry her.  The forest behind her smelled like the smoke that the two-leg sticks had produced earlier.  Had they caused the FIRE

  Then Sparrowpaw saw the river that Maroonstar told the kit about.  "Snake Gorge"  Sparrowpaw said softly to herself.  This was one of the most dagerous things she could of ever done.   Sparrowpaw knew that Maroonstar was right because the river was wide enough fire could not leap across. But the two-leg bridge was way to far down river so Sparrowpaw had to swim.


She held her breath and dived in being careful not to go under the surface and paddling as fast as her four legs would carry her.  The water splooshed against her sides.  She kept going.

 After she had crossed the river Sparrowpaw ran right into the NightClan forest. Sparrowpaw followed the NightClan scent marks as they grew stronger and stronger.   She was scarred and her legs were heavy.  "I have to keep going" she said to herself hoping that she had enough energy.

Finally the scent grew so strong mixed with the scent of cats that she knew she was right in front of the NightClan camp. Sparrowpaw took a deep breath and walked into the camp. Sparrowpaw saw a startling sight.

 There was Wormkit, her brother who had went missing almost a moon ago...



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