The Cat Story- (Wormkits Siblings and his View)
Author: Silverstone

Chapter 11
Chapter Eleven

“ Now!” he squealed and barged out of the cave to face the wild of the NightClan forest. Icepaw let out a excited squeal also but then calmed down. I wonder if this clan will accept me he thought suddenly feeling bewildered. Icepaw seemed to see his questioning and twinned her tail in his. “It’s going to be ok” she told him quietly. Wormkit smiled and bounded towards the camp, with Icepaw trailing close behind. When Wormkit leaped into camp he felt like one thousand eyes were staring at  him.

 Wormkit shrunk back and pushed himself into Icepaw. The cats all started a questioning growl and the leader of NightClan walked out of the crowd and meowed “Who is this Icepaw, he smells like us but I have never meet this cat in my entire life”.

 “Icepaw looked at her leader and bravely said “This is Wormkit and he wants to know if he can join the clan”.

Then Icepaw told her leader about the whole kidnapping, being stuck in the territory and her finding him stuff. The leaders eyes opened wide and he asked “Wormkit, it looks he is older than you Icepaw”.

“Umm.. I am your leaderness but my leader sorta got sick and my apprentice ship has been long overdue umm… I am nine and a half moons old” Wormkit pushed himself flat to the ground and started backing up until he was almost under Icepaw.

 The leader sighed and said “I guess we could always dew with new apprentices, with more mouths to feed we need more cats to hunt”.

 The leader that Icepaw just told him was named Nightstar leaped up onto the _____________________ and called out for a clan meeting in the NightClan format. A lot of cats gathered beneath the ________________ wondering what this stranger was doing here and why did Nightstar call such a abrupt meeting.

“Cats of NightClan a stranger has come into our mists, I feel it safe to trust him and so does Icepaw so I call upon this meeting to call another cat to join our ranks”. Nightstar completed the ceremony with flowing words unique to NightClans rituals.

  Wormkit was awarded his apprentice name Wormpaw and was given the mentor __________________________________.

 He was finally a NightClan cat. Wormkit began to feel tired and tried to spot out Icepaw in the maze of cats that were cheering his name.

But instead of finding Icepaw he found a black tom-cat that was the same age as Icepaw hanging out with a light colored tabby.

“Hi” the she-cat meowed “I’m Rosepaw” . “Where’s the apprentices den?” Wormpaw asked shyly. “Oh, over there” Rosepaw pointed her tail at a __________________ which a few young cats were. On of them bounded over to him.

It was Icepaw with her beautiful gray white coat. Wormpaw smiled and went into the apprentices den and laid down in some moss in the corner. Wormpaw easily fell asleep and found himself in a open moor with thin gray grass flowing in the wind.

 There was a small white she-cats standing next to him. She shone with the light of the stars. Her eyes were focused on him “ Wormpaw, I am Thinwhisker from StarClan. You have a calling in a certain area of your warrior life.

 Your destiny is to become a medicine cat Wormpaw”. Thinwhiskers voice grew louder now and Wormpaw started to feel like his was spinning. The blood rushed in his ears as he heard Thinwhisker tell a prophecy.

“ Four hold the universe in their paws, the three will guide him, and the forest will never be the same.



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