The Cat Story- (Wormkits Siblings and his View)
Author: Silverstone

Chapter 9
Chapter Nine

Finchkit looked up at the she-cat standing on the rock.  She was light brown with dark amber eyes “I have news” she said “While in battle today Hawkstar our leader died fending off Gorgestar from stealing our kits"." But he failed and Dragonkit and Boomkit were stolen”.

Finchkit heard murmurs of surprise and astonishment coming from the crowd around her and felt a shoulder brush against her. She looked over and saw the grey she-cat. “That was great fighting you did” she meowed to Finchkit.

 “Well, it was sorta random, I cant believe I won the battle though” breathed Finchkit almost mesmerized by what Briarmoon had just said.

 Finchkit walked up to the rock staring at Briarmoon.  The she-cat had just said that she wanted to make Finchkit a apprentice of RushClan. 

Finchkit looked up at her new leader and nodded her head. “StarClan lay your eyes upon this kit and bring her into the rank of apprentice” Briarmoon meowed with strength in her voice.  Her amber eyes shone as she licked Finchkit ontop of her head.

 The clouds covering the stars parted and the moonlight shone brightly letting moonlight illuminate the whole camp.

“And from this day on you shall be known as Finchpaw, may StarClan light your path”.   Briarmoon looked down on the rest of the cats in the clearing.  " I promise that I will be the best leader possible even if I have had only a days worth of training as the deputy". 


The rest of the clan nodded in agrement.  Except a large tabby tom.  He hissed and walked into a bush.  


"There is a gathering tomorrow night"  Briarmoon said loud and clearly.  "I will have to leave for the Moon Bush now if I want to be a true leader at the next gathering". 


"I will choose my deputy now as Granitewing"

" I have also chosen who will ocompiny me to the gathering tomorrow"

 “Grayspirit, Goldenpaw, Toadfall, Granitewing, Hornetpaw, Sorrelpaw, Finchpaw, Briskshoulder, and young Dancingpaw, Fallingpaw, and Swoopingpaw.” Finchpaw almost leaped onto her hind legs when Briarmoon said she was going to send her to the gathering.

Finchpaw sprang down from the rock and licked her paws.  I am really am apprentice She thought And in Rush Clan.  I am so happy to have this as my adopted Clan.  I do wonder how Wormkit and Sparrowkit are doing without me?


 Right then Finchpaw saw a light brown tabby she-cat walking over to her.

 Finchpaw recognized her as one of the cats that helped capture her and her siblings. “Hello” she said “It seems as if our luck has caught on when we captured you and had you made a cat of Rush Clan”.  "By the way"  she said "My names Sorrelpaw, and I'm your denmate and Goldenpaws littermate".

Finchwhisker smiled and walked over to Goldenpaw who was talking to some apprentices.

 A black she-cat bounded over from the group and stuck her tail up. “There’s no RushClan blood in you” She spat and turned around and ran into the apprentices den. Goldenpaw smiled and walked over to Finchpaw.

 “ Hazelpaw is just mad that you got made an apprentice".  "She dosen't like cats without RushClan blood” Goldenpaw said “Will you like to have a tour around our camp”.

 “Sure” Finchpaw answered realizing that now she better learn all the things about Rush Clan now that she was a Rush Clan cat. Goldenpaw pointed her tail over at a bramble bush with and meowed “That’s where the apprentices sleep, our den” . Then she walked over to the back of the large brown rock that Briarmoon addressed her cats on.

“That’s hollow rock” Goldenpaw said pointing at the rock “and then this is the leaders den”. Goldenpaw jumped over a stone pushed up against the Hollow Rock and disappeared.  "Ok"  Finchpaw said sniffing the rock.  " I guess she wants me to follow her".

 Finchpaw did the same as Goldenpaw did and saw a small hole leading into the rock. Goldenpaws’s head was sticking out. "What took you soo long to decide to follow me"  she sighed.

“Follow me” she meowed and turned around going back into the hole. Finchpaw sighed and followed her friend into the hole. Then Finchpaw saw her friends tail disappear in the dark and Finchpaw started to run into the tunnel trying to find her friend again.

 Then she felt Goldenpaw pull on Finchpaws’s scruff pulling her in a different direction. Soon Finchwhisker was in a cavern with light poring through a small hole in the top of the Hollow Rock.


"This is why its called the Hollow Rock"  said Goldenpaw pointing out that the rock was hollow.  "I see"  Finchpaw said as Goldenpaw guided her out.


The light outside the rock momentarily blinded Finchkit.  "Wow its light out here" she said.  


Briarmoon abruptly ran up to Finchpaw.  "Soo sorry"  she said.  "Greyspirits your mentor ok"  she said quickly before running away.  Goldenpaw walked up and cocked her head.




Finchpaw nodded and followed her friend to a bigger bramble bush next to pit.  Briskshoulder and Foxtail were sharing tounges outside of it.  "This is the warrior den"  Goldenpaw said skipping away. 


Next Goldenpaw took her to a pretty bush that Finchkit didn't know the name of.  "This is my favorite den" Goldenpaw said.  "The nursery". 


" I want to have kits sooo bad"  Goldenpaw said. 


"Have you picked out a maybe mate yet"  Finchpaw asked curiously. 


" Yes" Goldenpaw said shyly, "But I'm not going to tell YOU".


"Why"  Finchkit said smiling and batting her friend. 


"I'm just not"  Goldenpaw said.    "That hollow log over there is the elders den" she said.  "Lets bring them some fresh kill"  Finchpaw said.


"Great Idea"  Goldenpaw said running over to the fresh kill pile.  She grabbed a blackbird to give to an elder.  " Drippingtail likes voles the best"  Goldenpaw said as she ran away.  Finchpaw quickly grabbed the plumpest vole she could find and ran behind Goldenpaw. 


Two elders sat in the den.  One was a brown tom with big yellow eyes and the other was a black and white she-cat with brown eyes and a long tail.  The black and white she-cat smiled at the two apprentices.  "Ahh prey"  she smiled and flicked her tail signaling for Finchpaw to come near.  "How did you know I love voles".


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