The Cat Story- (Wormkits Siblings and his View)
Author: Silverstone

Chapter 8
Chapter Eight

Wormkit laid in the hole in the tree.  It was morning and the sun was just peaking in the hole. He yawned and stood up, he walked over to his small makeshift fresh kill pile and picked out a nice, plump vole.  He finished it in a few gulps.  Just as Wormkit was going to pick another vole or mouse to eat he saw a cat peaking in. Why of all times did he have to be found now, he just woke up and they would know that he had been stealing food from them because he hadn't finished or hid his fresh kill pile.  Wormkit sighed, why would a stupid warrior be out at a time like this.  So early in the morning.  But he was astonished, the Night Clan cat was Icepaw.“ Icepaw” he said astonishedly not really sure what was coming out of his mouth, which caused Icepaw to jump back and hiss.

 “Who are you?” Icepaw meowed her voice shaking a  little bit. Wormkit knew she had no idea who he was so he meowed “I am a night Clan apprentice I umm I umm think”. Then Icepaw said “ How did you get here” questioning his honesty. Wormkit replied “ I was kidnapped by a Rush Clan patrol with my sister three moons ago, then I escaped into Night Clan and…”. Icepaw listened quietly.  She looked at Wormkit with curious eyes “ but why didn’t you go home?” she asked?

. “Ummm …” Wormkit meowed "Well". Icepaw looked mad.  Wormkit really didn't know what to say.  This was NOT how he had planned his first encounter with Icepaw.  But she must of been a pretty brave apprentice, facing a cat almost twice her size and age.“ If you don’t tell me soon I’ll get a patrol to come get you later mousebrain” she meowed madly.

 “ Whaaaaat! Why did you call me a mouse brain?” Wormkit yowled back at Icepaw, stupid she-cats he thought. Wormkit hissed at Icepaw and batted out at her with one paw.  Then he thought better of it and just raised the fur on his spine and kept hissing.

Icepaw hissed back at him and it looked like she was tempted to unsheathe her claws. Wormkit didn’t want to hurt Icepaw though, so he sheathed his claws and started grooming himself.  Icepaw was still hissing but then stood up and cocked her head to one side, she still didn’t sheath her claws though.  Wormkit wanted to make her understand him.  He had his claws half unsheated... just in case.  Icepaw was still startled though.  She was so funny looking.  All her gray fur was poofed out and her eyes were as big as mice.

 Wormkit half giggled to himself as he saw how the fur was standing up on Icepaw’ s back.  "You sort of look funny with your fur sticking up that way, but you have nothing to fear from me”. Wormkit did not know if it was a good choice that he said that or not.  Icepaw might find that as a weak spot and attack him.  Wormkit knew he could beat her easily, but he still sis not want to hurt her.  Much more now that she had just recovered from her fight with the badger and the loss of Foxpaw.  Wormkit pushed the pile of fresh kill towards Icepaw and said “ If you want me to leave I will” and started to walk away flicking his tail like nothing happened. She'll invite me back any second, she-cat always do that Wormkit thought to himself.

 If she wasn't like a normal she-cat and just let Wormkit leave, he knew he wouldn’t go from NightClan territory but this wasn’t the way he wanted to have his first introduction to Icepaw.

  Ok... shes not inviteing me back, maybe Icepaw thinks that I'm a mean old spy from HollowClan and that I can’t be trusted. Now I not old nor a spy and probably not even a HollowClan cat anymore. 


“Wait” Icepaw whispered.

 Wormkit swung his head around and turned around slowly, wary if she would attack him and she seemed wary if he would attack her.“ If you wonder why I now your name it’s because I watched you become a apprentice on the first day I got stuck here” Wormkit said shrugging amd kept padding out  .

 “ What is your name?” Icepaw meowed quietly. “ Wormkit” he answered “ and I am 6 ½ moons old and a proud member of no-clan”.

“ What is no-clan” she meowed jokingly. Wormkit giggled pushed Icepaw onto her back before laying next to her and said “ A clan of cats that are kits old enough to be warriors”. Icepaw giggled.



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