The Cat Story- (Wormkits Siblings and his View)
Author: Silverstone

Chapter 7
Chapter Seven


Finchkit was starting to autully like it in RushClan.  Goldenpaw had come back to the pit later and said good night.

The next day  Goldenpaw hopped into the pit happier than yesterday.  “Hi” Goldenpaw said “guess what”. “What” Boomkit from Eagle Clan said? Boomkit was the tom they took from Eagle Clan. He was a dark brown tabby with a stub for a tail.

 “ Last night,  Muckstar... DIED” said Goldenpaw. “Wow” the kits meowed and congratulated Goldenpaw

“What did Fallenspirit think was the cause” asked Dragonkit? Dragonkit was the she-cat Rush Clan stole from Eagle Clan. She was a light brown tabby and had silvery blue eyes. “ Well, we think that Hazelpaw and Thornflight might of got a little tired of him and” Goldenstream made a half growling half gurgling noise from the back of her througt.


The captured kits laughed.

 Then Briskshoulder jumped into the pit, "Hi guys"  he said quickly. 


"Did you hear the news".


Finchkit nodded excitedly.  Dragonkit and Boomkit hissed at the enamy warrior.

    Briskshoulder smiled at the kits as he heard Hawktail call a Clan meeting.  "I wonder who Hawktails going to pick for the new deputy"  Finchkit said running over to Dragonkit. 


"I DON'T care"  she whined. "As long as he lets ME GO"


 Foxtail, Goldenstream’s brother then leaped in with a few mice and scrawny crows in his jaws.  "I think Hawktails going to make Briarmoon deputy"  he said.  " She's a good cat and even had kits about... umm... six moons ago because they just got apprenticed yesterday".

 He laid the prey on the ground, picked a mouse for himself, and ate. He flicked his tail in offer for the kits to join in eating.

 The kits all joyfully ate, but a yowl from out side the pit startled them. Toadfall ran up to the side of the den and yowled “Eagle Clan is attacking camp”. Foxtail leaped out of the pit and the kits followed. The combat was too heavy for anyone to notice she had escaped, and Finchkit did not look out of place, she was 6 1/2 moons old.

 Her fur was fully grown to its long adult length, and she so wanted to be an apprentice. Right then a tortoiseshell she-cat bowled into her and raked her back.

 The blow hardly did anything because of Finchkit’s thick fur, but when she hit the tortoiseshell’s belly it had to hurt.  The torti screeched and tried to bat at Finchkits left ear but she rolled away and kicked out at the torti's belly again.  "Ohhh, that had to hurt"  she whispered to herself.

 And it did because the tortoiseshell ran into the bushes yowling.

 Finchkit did not know what clan that cat was from but learned when the grey she-cat that had rubbed up against the black tom yesterday ran up with a tabby chasing her and winked at Finchkit. Finchkit smiled, looked around and saw Briskshoulder on the ground about to be hit with a killing bite, he was so injured he couldn’t move, and was so frightened he couldn’t yowl for help.

 Finchkit ran forward and bowled into the cat that was holding down Briskshoulder. The cat hissed and showed the sharpest and largest teeth Finchkit had ever seen. He bit Finchkit on the back and pain stabbed her. Finchkit fell and kicked which made contact with the toms under side.

The tom let go and staggered back a few paces and leaped at Finchkit. But Finchkit was faster and leaped aside so she could slash him while he was in mid air. Her blow hit his face, caught him of balance and the tom slide into the Large Stone and laid still. Finchkit thought she killed him so paced up to him, but the tom slashed out at her and hitting her muzzle.

 The tom then ran into the bushes and Finchkit was run into by another Eagle Clan warrior. This one was a gray she-cat.

 The she-cat slashed out at Finchkit and raked down her back, Finchkit countered with a whack to the she-cats neck that made her scram. Finchkit then attacked a tom that was already battling Forestpaw.

Finchkit and him fought back to back fending of the tom that was twice the size of both of them.

 Forestspaw struck out and finished the tom off and Finchkit felt dizzy and collapsed on top of Forestspaw’s paws.

 Finchkit woke up with a startle, she was in the medicine cats den. She leaped to her paws and fell down again. It was night.

Fallenspirit, the medicine cat walked out of his hiding place, he was a small gray and white tabby. “Hush, little one” he told her “we have chased the enemy’s away, there is no danger now”. Finchkit yawned and then sighed, her paws were burning, but for the moment she was glad. Then a female voice meowed for the Clan to gather...



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