The Cat Story- (Wormkits Siblings and his View)
Author: Silverstone

Chapter 6
Chapter Six


Wormkit noticed that there were badger’s in the area but never new that they would attack a cat. He had seen them in the area but never noticed him, at least as a threat. But then the badger attacked a patrol from Night Clan. In that patrol was Icepaw, the white cat he had seen get apprenticed.

 The badger attacked them, and Icepaw leaped on it. It was so heroic! But while fighting the badger Icepaw hurt herself badly, Wormkit so wanted to help them but he knew he needed to keep himself hidden. After they won the fight they carried the unconscious Icepaw back to camp.

 Wormkit wanted to follow but had some unattended business to attend to. Wormkit chased the badger out of Night Clan territory and into Eagle Clan’s.

He wasn’t sure it would come back.  Then he went and caught himself a plump juicy rabbit and went back to his bush and ate it. Then he realized that he should take something for Icepaw.

 But not now he thought and decided to keep a stash for Icepaw and give it to her when she fully recovered.

 Then he realized that could be a while and he didn’t want his stash to become crow food so he decided to every two nights sneak something or two into there fresh kill pile to keep it nice and big. But he decided that he would have to move closer to camp because he didn’t want to carry prey the long distance between here and camp.

So he found a place close to camp to live. It was a hole in a tree. It was a giant Banyan tree. He was happy with it so he decided to stay.

 He didn’t worry about his scent because he had been in Night Clan so long that he had established the Night Clan scent.

 He wondered if his own clan would take him back since he had been in Night Clan for so long. And his loyalty to Hollow Clan was disappearing and he wondered once he was discovered should he ask to join Night Clan.


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