The Cat Story- (Wormkits Siblings and his View)
Author: Silverstone

Chapter 5
Chapter Five


It was three moons after Wormkit and Finchkit had disappeared. Blackpaw was doing awful on his training. He hasn’t caught anything or was able to get down any battle moves since Finchkit went missing.

 He just like a.... a dead warrior.


 Sparrowpaw sighed and looked at him sitting across the clearing with his sister Juniperpaw.  Juniperpaw was a brownish red she-cat with small white speckles on her pelt.


Sparrowpaw guessed that Blackpaw really missed Finchkit. Sparrowpaw wished that she could help Blackpaw and reassure him that Finchkit was safe, but Sparrowpaw didn’t even know that Finchkit was alright herself. Sparrowpaw sighed and looked at the blue sky.  A gust of wind blew threw and little leaves from the pretty cassia tree above her head blew and landed around her. Sparrowpaw giggled and swatted at the leaves a little.  Stop acting like a kit a ginger tom  told her as he padded out from the nersery.  "What are you doing in there Squirrelfern?" Sparrowpaw asked quisicly.  "Didn't you know"  Squirrelfern said as his blue eyes brightened. " Gorsepebbles having kits".  Sparrowpaw smiled and flicked her tail in congratulations to Squirrelfern.  Everyone in the clan knew that Squirrelfern and Gorsepebble liked eachother.  Sparrowpaw just couldn't wait to see the kits, both the kits parents were some of the most good looking cats in the forest, so the kits had to be just as pretty.


"Sparrowpaw" she heard Honeytalon call her .  "See you later"  Sparrowpaw meowed to Squirrelfern before running to see what her mentor wanted.  "What" Sparrowpaw meowed to Honerytalon staring into her mentors big amber eyes.  "Hunting patrol" Honeytalon told her apprentice.  Honeytalon led Sparrowpaw to the hollow log sticking out of the high thorn bush walls that surrounded camp.  The thorns where very good at keeping out most animals and rival cats out of the camp.  The only entrance was the hollow log, which was very well camoflouged in from the outside.  "Lets go, the others are probably waiting for us outside already" Honeytalon meowed plainly as she bent into the entrance to the log. Sparrowpaw nodded, her silver tail flicking up and down.  Sparrowpaw climbed into the log and followed her mentor out of camp. 


Once they were out of camp Honeytalon looked back at Sparrowpaw and locked her eyes with her apprentices.  "This will be your chance to show some other apprentices and warriors how good your hunting is turning out"  Honeytalon said her eyes full of happiness.  Sparrowpaw was turning out to be an excellent hunter, even Maroonstar was proud, and she was a genuine hunter herself.

      “Who’s coming with us?” asked Sparrowpaw


“Fawnwing, Wolfpaw, Mousefire, Tigerfang, and Blackpaw.


Sparrowpaw was glad that her friend Wolfpaw was coming. Wolfpaw was shy, but not  towards Sparrowpaw. Sparrowpaw and Wolfpaw did everything together in their spare time.  Sometimes Wolfpaw and Sparrowpaw would just go hunting with eachother.  Wolfpaws sister and brother were nice too, and they all had placed their nest near eachothers.  Their mother Fallingbranch was a friend of Sparrowpaw’s mother Snowfeather.

 “Come on” called Honeytalon "lets get a move on and find the others".  "Ok" Sparrowpaw called to her following her mentor who had took off running.  Sparrowpaw followed her mentor at a steady pace.  Though Honeytalon was considerbly bigger than Sparrowpaw, she had longer legs than most cats so it was no trouble keeping up with Honeytalon.  Sparrowpaw looked out at the green grass, the medium sized light green cassia's, and the bright sun and blue sky.  This was a beautiful day, like most in HollowClan.  Sparrowpaw wouldn't change her clan for any clan in the world.


Sparrowpaw ran out the entrance and saw Wolfpaw and Mousefire soming out of the brambles behind her.  Sparrowpaw paused and waited for them catch up .  "Hi"  Sparrowpaw whispered to Wolfpaw.  "Hi" Wolfpaw whispered back tossing her shaggy gray fur on her head out of her eyes.  "Hows trainin' " Sparrowpaw said.  "Fine"  Wolfpaw said.  "What took you soooo long" Wolfpaw meowed, not in a whisper this time.  "Uhhhh"  Sparrowpaw said staring at her paws. 


"I was talking with Squirrelfern, did you know that Gorsepebbles expecting kits". 


"Cool" Wolfpaw said her tail wiggling vigorously,  " Reathtails kits should be getting apprenticed soon shouldn't they".


Sparrowpaw nodded.  Reathtails kits were getting pretty big.  Reedkit has turned out to be a good fighter from just this young of an age. 


Sparrowpaw could see Honeytalon and her sister Fawnwing just a bit ahead. They were talking about she-cat stuff.  Probably just talking about having kits,  neither of them have had any,  but Honeytalon has gotten bigger.  What if she has kits,  who will take over my training!


Sparrowpaw pushed the kit thoughts out of her mind and sniffed the air and dropped into a hunters crouch.  She stalked forward and saw a small mouse nibbling a seed under some cassia leaves.  As quietly and quickly as a fox Sparrowpaw pounced and landed on the mouse. 


Bang! Blackpaw came tripping out from under the bushes and tumbled torwards Sparrowpaw.  The mouse took the moment to get away, but Sparrowpaw fell ontop of it, and killed it that way.    "WHAAT WAS THAT FOR"  Sparrowpaw screamed at the depresssed apprentice with a look of fury in her eyes.  "Ummm, well.... I... sorta, ummm.... trip..ed" Blackpaw said dragging his tail in the dust and coughing.


Sparrowpaw was outraged though.  She soared throught the air and landed on Blackpaws back. "Don't do it again" she growled making sure that she had her slaws sheathed before stepping off.



"Ummm...O...K...OK" Blackpaw said running off after Tigerfang as he started to track a mouse.  A shout of 'BLACKPAW GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR' told Sparrowpaw that he had screwed up yet again. "Stupid tom cat . Sparrowpaw growled while walking over to her mentor and Mousefire and Wolfpaw. 


"What was that" Mousefire said batting at some prey he had caught.  Two mice.  "Probably just Blackpaw" Sparrowpaw joked.  "Thats not nice, but your right"  Mousefire sighed looking over at the loud, stummbling apprentice with no prey in his jaws.  His mentor had a fat blackbird and a big water vole.  Sparrowpaw went into the bushes again and saw a sight that made her jaws part in suprise.


Three of the fattest eagles Sparrowpaw had ever seen where sitting on the ground each trying to fly away holding a big rabbit. Wow, well be eating dinner TONIGHT


Sparrowpaw leaped out and landed on the first eagle.  He was too fat to move.  The other eagles were just as easy to kill.  Sparrowpaw tried to pull pne of the eagles to the others but it was just to heavy for Sparrowpaw.  It was almost twice her size too.  "HONEYFERN"  Sparrowpaw called to her mentor toi try and get her attention. 


"Yeah"  Honeyfern said running over to her through the bushes.  The golden she-cat almost fainted at the sight of the prey.  "Umm guys... come see this"  she called to the rest of the patrol.




Sparrowpaw sat on the floor of the camp sitting next to the fresh kill pile.  Her and Juniperpaw were sharing one of the eagles with Reedkit and Crabkit.  Rabbitleaf had been there earlier eating it to but he had gotten full and went to sleep.


Sparrowpaw sat up and yawned.  "See you guys later"  she said and dragged herself across the clearing with a happy stomach.


She never did even think of her brother.





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