The Cat Story- (Wormkits Siblings and his View)
Author: Silverstone

Chapter 4
Chapter Four


Finchkit was finally at Rush Clan camp.


It was in a marsh.  The marsh stank compared to the sweet scents in HollowClan territory .  The ground was all wet and swampy.  Finchkit held her back paws as high as she could above the ground.  She did all she could but she was just too big to keep herself from getting muddy.  "Ack"  she said forgetting about all the enamy warriors around.


The grey tom who had beckoned her into the bush in the first place gave her a hard stare.  "Sorry"  Finchkit sweaked.  "Its ok"  the cat that was holding Finchkit grumbled through all FInchkits fur.  Finchkit stared at the wall of swamp plants ahead of her making a wall inbetween the outside and the RushCLan camp. 


The cats seemed to be waiting for a sign before coming into the camp.


The golden she-cat that was holding Finchkit put her down. “Hi, I am Goldenpaw” she said quietly “Briskshoulder is my mentor” she flicked her tail at the large tabby tom leading the group.  He was a very young cat hardly older than an apprentice.  He had a sleek, short, dark tabby pelt.  His eyes were a beautiful blue that contrasted against his fur.  Not many cats in Rush clan had blue eyes. 

 Rush Clan cats can’t be as bad as they are in nursery tale’s if there all like Goldenpaw thought Finchkit. In nursery tales RushClan was a blood thirsty clan to be scared of.  They were like the stories of ancient ShadowClan.  Finchkit knew that some of these stories weren't true and some of the true ones were because one leader was a very evil and blood thirsty leader.  He picked a blood thirsty deputy.  And when that deputy became leader he picked a Blood thisty deputy and so on.

The marsh’s swampy ground was piled high in a hill and dried into an island where the Rush Clan cat’s camp was.   A black tom cat came out of the bushes and make a jesture with his tail.  "Thats our signal"  Goldenpaw whispered to Finchkit.  Finchkit nodded and followed Goldenpaw into the wall of cat tails.   Finchkit looked around  the Rush Clan camp.  It was much much different than the HollowClan camp. 

 Big battled scarred cats were scattered around the clearing. Other than big battle scarred cats were some smaller cats running around.  A light grey she-cat was running over to the black cat that signaled to them. Some cats were practicing battle moves in front of the nursery around the young kits. The little kits were not afraid at all, they were even fighting eachother. 


Finchkit hurriedly followed Goldenpaw to were she was leading them.  She lead the kits around a large rock in the center of the clearing.  A big ugly tabby cat sat under the larger rock looking at the captured kits.  "Good job Briskshoulder"  he said comicly giving the young tom a bat with his paw.  Briskshoulder huffed beneath his breath and kept the patrol going. 

Goldenpaw and Briskshoulder lead the captured cats into a pit. The pit was at the side of camp and was too high for Finchkit to jump out of as small as she was now.  Pretty soon she knew that she would be able to jump out easily.  Finchkit smiled.  Rush Clan were pretty good jumpers and probably thought that all the other clans stank at jumping. 


"Ok"  Goldenpaw said looking at the sad and scarred little kits around her.  "Sorry about the kidnapping thing".  "Our leader Muckstar made us"  she said.  "We all hate him and can't wait till he dies".  "  After he dies, our deputy Hawktail will become leader and he is alot nicer than Muckstar".


Finchkit looked at the golden she-cat trying to explain what was going on.  She was about the same age as Finchkit.


"I have to go"  she said quickly jumping out of the pit.  "See you guys later".


“Muhha ha ha ha” a big heavily scarred tom then screamed at the top of his lungs “I have captured the other clan’s power”.


Muckstar thought Finchkit disgusted.


“Mu ha ha ha ha” some of the other cats screamed, though it sounded more like they were laughing. "Ha ha ha" Finchkit said sitting down next to the EagleClan kits.


They were huddling in the corner. 


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