The Cat Story- (Wormkits Siblings and his View)
Author: Silverstone

Chapter 3
Chapter Three

Wormkit worriedly paced around Night Clan territory, he was as scared as a mouse in a fox den. He thought he could see Night Clan warrior eye’s around every corner.  The trees were dense and tall.  Taller than all the trees in HollowClan.  The tallest tree in HollowClan was about the size of one of these.  The ground was soft and grassy unlike HollowClans grass which was covered mostly by pine needles.  The pines in HollowClan territory were rather small so the tall trees in NightClan looked even bigger. 


Wormkit could pick up lots of prey scents.  A mouse was chewing on some nuts on the ground a little behind him and squirrels ran plentiful in these trees.  Wormkit stopped his running and panted hevily.  He didn't think that the RushClan kidnappers would follow him here. 


He still couldn't belive that he attacked the RushClan cat.  The tabby was twice the size of him.  Wormkit dropped down into a hunters crouch hoping that the mouse behind him had not felt the vibrations.  It didn't.  It was probably a retarted mouse because it was about to eat a Death Berry. 


Wormkit leaped at the mouse and swipped him away from the Death Berry.  Wormkit then jumped over to were the startled mouse had landed and killed him with a quick bite to the neck.  He picked up the morsel and carried it under the tree to eat.  The mouse tasted delicious, but wasn't as plump and as good as HollowClan mice.


Wormkit buried the mouse remains after he had ate all the meat and started trotting around.  The NightClan scent was so over taking that he couldn't smell HollowClans scent at all.  Wormkit sighed and started running in the direction he thought was most sensible. 

 The Night Clan scent kept getting stronger and stroger as he went.  Finnaly a high wall of bushes blocked Wormkits path.  He started pushing through and found himslef looking into Night Clan camp. 


The camp was in a large pit below him. There was a naming ceremony going on for a gray kit and a black kit. He stared for a moment at the gray kit.

 She was a very attractive kitten.  She looked friendly and Wormkit could hardly stand from running out to her and introducing himself.  He knew he must stay put or be probably eaten alive by NightClan warriors.  Wormkit wanted to watch some more but then he saw a tabby warrior turn her head towards the bush he was in.  Wormkit ducked down into the bush and slowly slid out. 


A growl that sounded like a cats sounded behind him.  It was auctully a mocking bird inmatating a gate but Wormkit didn't know that.  He was scared out of his fur and started running and running faster than he ever knew he could run.

He was so frightened that he ran until he could run no more. He was still in Night Clan territory, but he could not run farther. He wanted to see that she-cat again, so he stayed in the territory.

 Wormkit made his nest in a small bush on a ridge that surrounded a clearing. It was in top of a little hill so he could get a good perspective of what was around him.

 He found some moss hanging on a small tree nearby and dunked it in a nearby stream to kill all the bugs and wash it.

 He also took a few pebbles from the stream and when he got back to the bush. He dug a hole and  laid the pebbles in it in a bowl like shape. He compacted the stones down so they made a bottom for the hole.

 Wormkit then squeezed the water in the moss into the hole and laid the moss outside the den to dry. By the time it dried he had caught himself a small mouse and ate it in a few famished bites.


Wormkit walked back to his den and laid the moss on the ground in the bush.  He bit all the branches off of the bush so it was like an umbrella with the stem as a pole.  One side of the bush he had carved a window and a door.


Then Wormkit dug a hole and put the moss in it for a nest.  By then Wormkit was hungry again.  He went to hunt near the NightClan camp hoping to maybe get a glimpse of the she-cat.



Wormkit was standing behind a den he had figured out was the apprentics, he had made it through the camp barriers not going through the entrance, he was eves dropping on the apprentice.  "Icepaw" he whispered to himself.  "Hhuh" he heard a cat inside the bush say and Wormkit ran away back to his bush.


But now he knew her name was Icepaw.  Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful cat. 



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