The Cat Story- (Wormkits Siblings and his View)
Author: Silverstone

Chapter 2
Chapter Two



Sparrowkit sat next to the bushes waiting for her brother and sister to come out. Her fur started to stand on end, what’s taking them so long she thought. I hope they are all right, Mom will be mad if they aren’t, She thought again.

 Sparrowkit ran into the bushes to surprise her siblings, but it was her turn to be surprised. 


Her siblings were gone.


 There was also unfamiliar scents in the bush that were like the ones her father came back smelling like when he visited RushClan.

 Sparrowkit turned around startled and ran right into her father Mousefire who was cleaning his paws while watching his apprentice Rabbitpaw do his practice moves in front of the elders den. “What is it” he meowed to Sparrowkit.

  “Wormkit and Finchkit disappeared while hiding in a bush and I smell different unfamiliar scents in there” Sparrowkit squeaked.  Mousefire looked shocked and said “Show me were this bush is Sparrowkit, and do it quick”.

 Sparrowkit showed him running at the fastest pace she could.


“Definitely Rush Clan” Mousefire meowed with a tone of unease in his voice. He paced around the den in thought. "What were RushClan doing here" he said to himself "what did they do with my kits".


 “Stay here” said Mousefire calmly as he ran to get some other warriors. Mousefire returned with Tigerfang, Moonfrost, a silver she-cat, Honeytalon, a golden she-cat, and Sandclaw, a gray tom.

 They all confirmed that Wormkit and Finchkit had been probably taken by Rush Clan, but there was a faint scent of EagleClan in the bush too. Sparrowkit liked the smell of EagleClan. They smelled of the Prarie and adventure.


 Sparrowkit was told to tell her mother about the kidnapping while her father Mousefire went to talk with the deputy and medicine cat about there ailing leader.

 Once told what to do Sparrowkit did exactly what she was told and ran towards Snowfeather and the nursery. Swiftclaw was walking out and asked Sparrowkit if she was going to see the kits. “No” said Sparrowkit, she hesitated as tears started to form in her small eyes. "Worm..." she said. 


"What about Wormkit" Swiftclaw asked. 


 "He and Finchkit were kiddnapped".

 Swiftclaw squealed, for out of all the kits she had kitted in the last few moons her favorite had been Wormkit. In sadness and fury she ran to her den to tell Brakenpaw, her apprentice and Sparrowkit’s half-brother.


Snowfeather ran out once she heard Swiftclaw’s meow of sadness. But before she could ask anything she was drowned out by the Hollow Clan deputy calling a meeting.

 “All cats, yatta yatta yatta, gather here below the Marble Overhang for a clan meeting" said Marronfrost standing on the Marble Overhand.  The Marble Overhang was a cliff like object made from slick marble. It was called the Marble “Overhang” because the leader’s den was a cave in the rock that made it look like a ledge. 

     Sparrowkit wondered what Maroonfrost could be calling about. Her sleek red pelt shone silver in the green leaf sun set. But Maroonfrost had sadness in her pretty blue eyes. I have bad news and good news to tend to. Most of you are wondering why I am up here instead of Tanstar.

"The bad news is that Tanstar has passed away sadly today" She said hanging her head. "The green cough was so bad that it couldn't be cured or wouldn't go away".


 All the cats looked at Silver pelt wondering if their leader was with them up there. To many of them Tanstar had been the leader since they were born, losing him was very painful. The tan and brown blotched tom had been very old and wise.  Maroonfrost had just been picked to be deputy a moon ago after their last deputy Wisewhisker passed away in a battle with a furious rouge group.

“But lets move to the good news” Maroonfrost said hopefully. “Reathtail had her kit’s today, two toms and a she-cat. 


 “ And today I call upon Rabbitpaw” Maroon frost said “You are ready to become a warrior and I intend to do it now.  Rabbitpaw leaped to his feet and walked up to the Marble overhang with his long silky rabbity brown fur hanging to his pelt in surprise.  He nodded to his leader, she nodded back.

 As Maroonfrost did the ceremony Sparrowkit couldn’t wait till it would be her up there getting her warrior name like Rabbitleaf had just got his.


But then Sparrowkit heard Maroonfrost say another thing “And we are gathered here today to let some of our kits be apprentices, this apprentice ship has been long delayed”. “But sadly two of these kits were kidnapped today and can not be here to be apprenticed” Maroonfrost told the crowd.


Sparrowkits fur was shaking because she knew one of those kits was her.

     “Come forward Jaykit, Wolfkit, Niagrakit, and Sparrowkit” Maroonfrost yowled.


 Niagrakit bounded forward eagerly, her long grey and white fur flying behind her. She looked alot like Wormkit just with longer fur. Jaykit followed her more carefully and proudly, his short gray fur relaxed on his shoulders.Last Wolfkit followed cautiously and even more carefully, her silver fur was hanging close to the ground. Sparrowkit was already on the rock, ready to meet her mentor.

  “From this day forward” said Maroonfrost staring at Sparrowkit “until she has gained her warrior name this apprentice will be called Sparrowpaw and be mentored by Honeytalon". “Honeytalon” started Maroonfrost “I trust you to pass on your skill in hunting to young Sparrowpaw”. Honeytalon nodded and bent her golden head to touch noses with Sparrowpaw.


The same happened to each of the other kits, Jaykit got partnered with Runningpelt, a gray tom.  Niagrapaw got partnered with Indigofalcon, a blue tabby she-cat. Wolfpaw got partnered with Mousefire, Sparrowpaw’s father.


The deputy was confident with her choice and sent Blackpaw and Sparrowpaw to collect Tanstar’s body.

 Maroonfrost announced she would head to Moon Bush tomorrow to gain leader ship. She also named her deputy as Yellowfern, a golden tabby she-cat.  The Moonbush was a silver bush. When a cat took one of its leaves and ate it it would fall alseep and starclan would talk to them.


 Sparrowpaw looked at Blackpaw, he was so handsome. His black fur shone in the moon light for the sun had just set.

But there was lose in his eyes. He had been born a half-moon before Sparrowpaw and the other’s, and had always looked at Sparrowpaw and the others even more then Mousefire did. He did not seem very happy when he left the nursery.


Then it hit her, he was in love with Finchkit.


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