Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 163
Riding the Iron Horse















Each morning, as the sun comes up

I mount the Iron Horse,

And feel the chill of rushing wind

As down the hill I course.

In work boots and a dayglo coat

Warm gloves and hard hat too,

I'm off to the construction site

To work the whole day through.



Perfectly fine when it's perfectly flat

And the  day is as fine as a treat,

But give me a hill with a steep incline

And my energies do deplete.

The old lungs collapse and the muscles burn

Embarrassing things to admit,

For the sweat on the brow is oozing now

And I'm feeling so bloody unfit !!


The weekends are a special treat

For the darling wife and I

We sit astride our mountain bikes

And pedal far and wide.

We venture around the estuary

To watch the bird life flock

Interspersed with cappuccino's

At our favourite cafe spot.


The speed boys whiz as they pass me by

With their skinny, expensive bikes,

Bright flashy gear with French motifs

Thighs  bulge in lycra tights.

Collectively they wheel at speed

And heel around the bend,

With venom they all vie for space

Competing grimly to the end.


You've got to watch big buses

Some cars are dangerous too

For no matter how you ride your horse

They come right after you.

Flashing lights, reflective tape

Bright, gaudy, dayglo gear

Is wasted, as these maniacs

Will have you on your ear..



Punctures are a problem

And the way the chain comes off

When changing gears on steep hills

Or when you're dressed up like a toff.

The bloody fingers end up grubby

Or you fall and cut your knee

And both are such a piss off

If you are anything like me.


There's a certain special magic

In riding the Iron Horse,

It's the way you're one with nature

And the great economy, of course.

Rain and wind and ice and snow

And baking bloody heat,

But all at a fraction

Of the cost that auto's meet.


And then there's the bragging rights

Incumbent in the game,

Of  being a pedaling geriatric,

Which incorporates some fame.

For the Iron Horse fraternity

Is limited to those,

Who refuse to use the zimmer

And love life's exhaustive pose.



On the Iron Horse

Mangere Bridge

6 September 2009




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