What Was and Could Have Been
Author: Specklez

Chapter 4


Shadow looked at Luka. "Sh!" She ordered. "Let's listen." She squinted her eyes in concentration as she picked up voices.

   Two wolves were speaking to each other. One was a large, burly white female and the other a blue-gray male with thick fur around a small frame. "Hello, Ania. How's Nisuk doing?" He asked casually. "Oh just a cough now." The white wolf replied

"Hm. Well, try Starmint."

"Really? I heard it's working wonders in Leaf Pack."

"Yes. Ash shared it with me last moon."

"I'll be sure to tell Rose when I find her."

The two wolves parted with a dip of the head. "They seem friendly." Luka prodded Shadow with a stiff paw. "Whatever. I don't trust them." Shadow muttered as Luka heaved herself up and padded back to where they came from.

Luka yawned. "I think it's time for a nap." She declared quietly. Shadow didn't object and placed herself lightly on the ground as they reached the base of the gently sloping land.

The bird songs that had ran through the whole morning were silenced and replaced by early cricket chirps as the two sisters fell into a pleasant and worry free sleep.

   Shadow opened her eyes to a darkness. The moon hung high up in the sky. She shook herself slightly then stood. Luka was gone. "Hey Luka! You there?" Shadow called quietly. She sniffed around for her sister's familiar scent.

   It was stale. Suddenly, Shadow realized. Luka had gone to the wolves on the mountain!


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