Let the Dice Fall Where They May
Author: Cassie52993

Chapter 2
Chapter Two

Chapter Two


*Ashley’s POV*

“So, Lemon. What did you and Kirby do?” I asked while turning in the leather seat to look at her.

She was writing like usual. “Nothing really.” She paused. “I made him model his junk so I could use what his looked like for Jasper. Then I walked in on him while he was masturbating.” She looked up at me and grinned from ear to ear.

My mouth gaped open a little. She is only fourteen and she already got farther than me. “Seriously?”

“Yep.” She answered without hesitation. Of course she’s serious, she always tells the truth. “I have to admit, it was pretty hot.” She smiled at the image in her head.

I turned around to face the road. “Oh my god.” A small smile grew on my face. That’s pretty sad, my fourteen year old sister seeing more than what I have ever seen. Makes me wonder if she is still a virgin. I doubt it. Kirby and her have been friends since kindergarten, they made out like so many times, wasted numerous times, and slept at each others houses. Of course she’s not one. My little sister is sexually active and I’m not. Wow.

“Not like its any of my business, Cat, but I don’t think you should be looking at what lies underneath the boxers yet. You’re only fourteen-”

She cut Johnny off. “You are so right, Johnny. It is non of your business.”

He let out a sigh. “All I’m saying is that you’re way too young to be having sex and checking out what guys have.”

“And how old do you think I should be before I start having sex and looking at guys?”

He was quiet for a moment. “At least until you’re twenty-one.”

“And what about you? You and Ash aren’t twenty-one.”

He let out a sigh and grew quiet. I guess we’re the only two that know we aren’t having sex. I wonder how long he will go on with this relationship. I wonder if he will wait until I’m ready, or if he will get tired of waiting and find another girl. What about when he goes to a university? He just finished high school, a lot of the girls there tried to get in bed with him, a university will be much worse. I bit the side of my cheeks as I thought about the other girls that would hurl themselves at him in a few months.

“Hey, where’s dads car?” Will asked quietly as we drove up the driveway.

I looked at the driveway where two cars were parked. “Who cares. But aunt Heathers here.” I hate my dad, I hate him so much. He deserves to get run over by a bus after what he did to me and Lemon when mom wasn’t home. That monster can rot in hell for all I care.

Mom never believed me when I told her about him touching us, Lemon denied it, afraid I guess, the one time she lies and it was to protect that jerk. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has another family and other kids. They can have him.

“Ash?” I heard Johnny call my name but my brain didn’t respond and I pictured how Charlie made me watch while he touched my little sister for hours. I should have done something. I should have stopped him before he could get his hands on her. Its my fault for just sitting in the corner crying while he had his way with her. Maybe if I just gave myself freely to him he wouldn’t have went to her. Its all my fault. “Ashley?” He said louder and this time I turned my head to look at him. “Are you okay?” His face, eyes, and voice were full of concern.

I nodded and closed my eyes. “Yeah. I’m fine.” I opened my eyes. He clearly didn’t believe me. “I’m fine.” I reassured him. If only he knew the truth of how messed up my family is. I looked in the backseat, they were already gone. “You coming over later?” I asked changing the subject.

“If you want me to.” He searched my eyes and I looked away immediately. He is so good at reading people its hard to tell him that I’m fine when I’m not, but of course he knows when I’m lying to him.

I opened the door. “I’ll leave the window unlocked.” I stepped out of the car and shut the door behind me. I walked slowly to the door and opened it just as slowly. He waited in the driveway until I was inside the house. He’s a sweet guy, it’ll be hard to say goodbye to him when he goes off to be a college man. I’ll see him rarely, holidays, some weekends, breaks. It’ll hardly be like dating him.


*Catherine “Lemon” POV*

Well this is odd. Aunt Heather and Mom both making us sit down on the couch as soon as we walk in. What’s so important? “Okay you guys. I have something you all should know.” Mom was pacing back and forth as she spoke.

“Can you just hurry up and say it please? I’m tired and want to go to sleep.” Ashley spit out. Someone is eager for a certain man friend to come over tonight.

Mom stopped and looked at each one of us with apologetic eyes. “Okay,” She took in a big breath and exhaled slowly. “You may, or may not, have noticed that your dads car isn’t out there.” she paused and began pacing again biting the sides of her cheeks like always. Ashley and her disagree when someone tells them they are so much alike when they are exactly alike. They both bit the sides of their cheeks, they both like cheerleading and dancing, they like the same music, Ashley looks like her when she was younger, they both have the suckiest of boyfriends…the list can go on and on forever. “Its not out there because,” she paused again.

“Because he’s a fucking dog!” Heather shouted then covered her mouth. “Sorry.” She apologized to the now upset mom.

“Yes. Thank you, Heather.” she looked at her then back to us. “He was seeing another woman so I kicked him out.”

“Finally!” Ashley through her hands in the air and stood up at the same time. “I’m going to bed.” She strolled off to her room.

“Is he coming back?” Will asked nervously. He never took a liking to our dad. I have no idea why though. He always used to hug me and buy me toys and candy, whatever I wanted. I only remember good times with him like going swimming and the park and putting me to sleep. I think Ashley was jealous when we were younger because she used to tell my mom that he used to touch us in wrong ways. I don’t remember that and I know he never did that so I always disagreed. I guess she wanted to be the one who got all the attention and not have to share him.

“Most likely not.” She answered his question.

“Cool.” He replied then stood up with a grin on his face.

“What the hell?” I shouted and jumped up. “How is that cool? He’s your dad for gods sake. You should be upset that he isn’t going to come back. Don’t you even care about the poor man at all?”

He looked at me with no emotion in his face. “Not one bit. And I don’t consider him as my dad, he’s nothing but a fly on the wall that needs to be squished. How can you even stand up for the man after what he did to you and Ashley?” His face was now angry.

“What did he do, Will? What did he do that was so wrong?” I folded my arms and sucked in my cheeks.

“He touched us.” I looked over at the hall entrance where Ashley was standing. Her eyes were watery like she was about to cry. “Can you honestly-”

“Shut up, Ash. Don’t start this crap again. ” I turned my whole body to face her. “Don’t start telling people false things just because you were jealous of not being the little princess anymore.”

“Jealous?” She bit the sides of her cheeks again and folded her arms. “I don’t need to be jealous of you, I have never been jealous of you once since you came into our lives. You’re nothing but a little bitch that-”

“Okay that’s enough!” My mom interrupted. “All of you just stop! I don’t want to hear this all over again! Now, just please,” She lowered her voice. “all of you go to bed.”

“Whatever.” I shoved Will aside and walked past Heather and Mom.

“Don’t forget to tell your auntie bye.” Heather chimed trying to lift the mood.

“Bye Heather.” I past by Ashley then went to my room and slammed the door behind me.



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