the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 48
one cry to God

one cry to God
each day i pull the sheets away
and make up a tune to brighten the day
i will find myself drenched in tears of sorrow
cause somehow i know it'll be the same tomorrow
i watch the streets of people go by
i rush along with the world in time
and i just let the crowds die
only regretting in my rhyme
i read the sad sad stories
of all my closest friends
their colourful online diaries
show me the world through greying lens
sometimes i really wonder
am i a friend
to those who would never live
to hold God's hand
and times i feel unwanted
a mere fading comment
and no one would ever need me
have i been sent
to go into the world
to roam the many nations
to be a international girl
take on all of God's missions
i read the great commission
i know i'm part of it
and suddenly it just dawns on me
if i can't help my friends, how can i help those i long to befriend
i cry, i cry to you Jesus
for i'm just watching your efforts break apart
i cry, cry with tears of depression
cause i know that i never broke my heart
am i needed in the nations
maybe i'm needed right at home
do i matter to the people
those who i call friends
i guess friends don't really care
this generation lives in despair
cause friends aren't real anymore
i tried to be a friend
but i wasn't good enough
the secrets filled my heart
and soon i broke apart
i tried to be wanted
but perhaps i've never done
what i was born to do
now time is gone
who are my real friends
who are they
am i real friend
i'm afraid
cause if i can't share with them
how can i go into the world to befriend more
i cry........


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