What Was and Could Have Been
Author: Specklez

Chapter 2
The Gathering at Starlight Mountain


Luka was temporarily blinded as something flew into her face. She yelped and ran around, trying to shake it off. When it did, she saw it was a brown leaf. Embarrassed and hot all the way to the tips of her fur, she chewed it, hoping to make it seem as if that happened on purpose.

Shadow watched her eagerly. Luka swallowed. "No. Leaves taste like dung." Shadow shuddered. "How do you know? You haven't tasted dung have you?" Luka gagged at their horrible taste. "No. Just a saying." Shadow spoke lightly.

"Oh. Good." Luka dipped her head. "Hey!" Shadow exclaimed and rushed past a stunned Luka. "What's that?" She asked a Shadow peered into a mass of rushing whatever-it-was. Luka gasped as Shadow fell in and went under. "Shadow!" She yelled, rushing to the side of the evil thing that had took her sister.

Suddenly, a spluttering but nevertheless cheerful Shadow popped up with a silvery thing in her jaws. "Look!" Shadow yelped as she flopped onto the edge by Luka. Luka perked her ears and sniffed it. She jumped back as the cold seeped into her sensitive nose. "It feels slimy." She complained as she stepped forward took a nibble.

"Well it's the only worthwhile food we have! You don't like it, find something better." Shadow shrugged and dug in. Luka could barely suppress a chuff of laughter. Her sister was so strange! She seemed to be such a big know-it-all and expected Luka to be the same.

Suddenly, something rustled behind her. Luka squeaked and ran straight over Shadow,, hiding behind the massive, fluffy black pup. Her eyes flickered across the small area until she caught a flash of silver. "Wolves! More wolves!" Luka yipped, joy lighting her eyes.


Shadow shuddered. "What if they're cruel?" She whispered to Luka but Luka was already making her way towards a small clump of bushes. Shadow sighed and followed her, the black fur making her look much like a shadow.

What she saw amazed her. "Look at them!" Luka breathed from beside her. There were more wolves than Shadow thought possible! White ones, gray ones, the occasional ginger colored and even black ones like herself! Young ones, old ones, wolves that looked like they would have pups.

Luka opened her mouth to call out but Shadow slapped a tail across Luka's muzzle.


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