What Was and Could Have Been
Author: Specklez

Chapter 1
Two Pups


A black wolf pup squirmed as she opened her eyes. The shallow breathing of her sister, a white wolf, was the only sound. Then, birds' songs filled the air. The wolf pup looked around with her blue eyes, the huge mountain beside her reflecting in their murky, navy blue depths.

Taking a bearing of her place, she thought well and hard. "I need a name." She muttered. "I like the name Shadow." She declared. Shadow got up and trotted around, watching a butterfly. SHe pounced, missing purposely as she landed on her back. The butterfly sat down on her paw and she swatted it away, joy sparking inside of her.

Her sister gave a little whimper and slowly, quietly, let out a yawn. She opened her eyes. Shadow's lit up. "Oh boy. Someone to play with." She yipped. The white wolf pup looked around, terror instead of wonder glowing in them. "Come on, Sissy! Let's play! You be the butterfly and I'll be the  wolf!" Shadow yelped, short legs down and tail up.

Her sister whimpered and let out a yelp as she felt Shadow land on her tail. She instinctively sniffed at Shadow. "Come on. Let's think of a name!" Shadow suggested. Her sister's ear flopped to one side as she turned her head. Shadow rolled her eyes. "Don't you know ANYTHING?" She asked.

"Y-yes." Her sister seemed surprised by her voice and she stumbled as she tried to back up. "There we go!" Shadow exclaimed and tackled her younger sister, pinning her to the ground playfully. The white wolf let out a squeak of surprise. "I like the name..." Shadow thought for a moment, eyes looking up as names swirled in her head.

"Luke." She announced. "B-b-but Luke isn't a she-wo-wolf's name, i-is it?" Her sister stammered, wriggling to get out of her older sister's grasp. "Then let it be Luka." Shadow nodded and got off her newly-named sister. "Okay." Luka agreed. "Now, play fight time!" Luka's first burst of energy came suddenly and she pounced on Shadow.

Shadow's eyes glimmered with mischief as she was pinned to the ground. "Oh no you don't!" She growled playfully. The two rough-housed the whole morning.


Around afternoon, realization dawned on Luka. "What are we going to eat?" She whimpered to Shadow. Shadow looked up from studying a beetle, her eyes reflecting Luka's worry. "Dunno. What do wolves eat?" She asked.

"Hm..." Luka thought hard. She was used to Shadow knowing everything. "Hey! Maybe that beetle!" She yelped. Shadow looked at the shiny bug, puzzlement flooding into her eyes as she licked it's shell. She drew back in disgust.

"Oh you wuss!" Luka rolled her eyes and trotted over to the beetle. "How bad can it be?" She grasped the beetle in her jaws and bit it to a paste. Quickly, Luka spat it out. "Gross!" She squealed. Shadow's eyes danced with amusement.

"Who's a wuss now?" The black wolf asked. "What else can we try?" Luka changed the subject hastily, her pup fuzz ruffled as a cool breeze whispered around the two.


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