Let the Dice Fall Where They May
Author: Cassie52993

Chapter 1
Chapter One {Parker Family}

Let the Dice Fall Where They May

Story Co-Written With smiley:)



“I’m only going to ask you one more time, Charlie.” My voice was filled with anger. “Who. Is. She?” I tapped my long finger nails once per word on the kitchen counter as I spoke.

Charlie hesitated. He rubbed the back of his neck and sucked in a big breath of air before he spoke. “Her name is Francine. She lives in Tucson and she might be pregnant…with my child.” He mumbled the last part hoping I wouldn’t hear, but he knew I heard by the evil glare.

I shook my head twice. Of course. I thought to myself. “So what now? You’re just going to pack your things and leave me with your four children?” I pointed towards the other room one hand on my hip. My voice had started to rise.

He looked down at the ground and let a soft sigh escape from his mouth. “Don’t jump to conclusions, Jenn. Yes, I may have thought about it a few weeks, maybe months, ago,” He paused to look at me. Weeks? Months? How long has he been seeing someone else? I folded my arms, bit the side of my cheeks, and stared at the green wall. “but, I cant just leave-”

“I’ll make it easy for you, Charlie. You don’t have to think about it anymore.” I cut him off before he could say anything else and stared at him with irritated eyes. “Get out of my house.” I pointed towards the door that led to the garage. I lowered my voice to make me sound calm. “Now, get out of my house before I call the police and have to bring an ambulance to pick up the remains of your burnt body.” My voice was shaky and I fought back the tears that were gathering up in my eyes.

“Jenn, come on now. don’t be rash. You and I both know that you’ll crawl back to me on your knees begging to take you back. I’ll be back inside you in less than a week.” He took two steps towards me. “You’re nothing without me. You cant possibly take care of these kids without-”

“Get out!” The yell made my throat soar. “Get the hell out of here!” I reached for the nearest object by me. A blue handmade vase filled with a dozen red roses he brought me only minutes ago trying to avoid the subject on where he has been the last four hours.

The vase was sky blue and oddly shaped like an hour glass. I made the vase when I was in my junior year when I had just started dating him. Nearly nineteen years ago, two years before my oldest child, Ashley, was born.

I picked up the vase and hurled it at him with all I had. He ducked just before and started to crawl towards the door. “Dumb bitch.” He yelled then stood up and hurried for the door.

I bit my bottom lip after he ran out the door. Maybe he’s right. I cant live without him, I’ve been with him since I was in high school. There’s no way I can take care of these kids alone. He’s right. I’ll crawl on my knees begging for him to take me back, I know, and he knows it as well.

His tires screeched out of the driveway. It was now safe for me to cry my eyes out. I sank to the floor covering half of my face with my left hand sobbing.

About ten minutes later, I heard my sisters joyful voice in the next room. “Jenn?” The kitchen door opened then closed. “Oh my goodness, Jenn! What happened?” Her high heels clanked against the tile as she hurried over to where I was.

She put a hand on my shoulder. “I’m fine.” I shrugged her hand off then wiped the tears from under my eyes and wiped my nose with my shirt sleeve. I knew Heather had made a disgusted face at what i had just done. I smirked.

“Are you sure? What happened? Where’s Charlie? Where’s the kids?”

I stopped her before she could ask anymore questions. She always had a question for everything. “Yes, I’m fine. The kids are with their friends somewhere. And Charlie,” Heather and I stood up at the same time. “Charlie is gone. I kicked him out.” I looked at her confused face.

“You mean you don’t know where your kids are?”

“Heather.” I snapped.

“I’m sorry.” She let out a little laugh of apology. “What happened?” She was serious again.

I let out a sigh and walked to the refrigerator so I could get the ingredients I would need to make dinner. “I found out he was seeing another woman.” I propped the door open and looked inside. I forgot to go grocery shopping, again. I let out a sigh, closed the door, and turned to face Heather. She was sitting down on the little stool behind the counter. Her elbow on the hard surface and her chin resting in her palm watching me intently. “She might be pregnant.” I frowned, cocked my eyebrows up freezing them in that position, while I bit my cheeks again.

Her mouth gaped open, hand fell limp on the surface of the counter, and her eyes almost popped out of her head. I laughed a little finding humor in her face. She shook her head returning her expression back to concerned after a few seconds. She mumbled something under her breath, I caught the word dog and bastard. “How are you doing? Are you alright?” She stood up, the stool underneath her slid against the floor making a horrid sound, then she walked towards me stopping a foot in front of me.

“No.” I gave her my best pouty face. “My vase.” I pointed towards the shattered blue remains, scattered roses, and water splashed all over the floor. She looked and laughed which made me laugh.


“Johnny, I told you, I’m not ready.” I squealed while underneath him in the back seat of his car as he kissed down my neck making me laugh.

“Come on, Ash.” He sat up. “I need to, plus, I want you. Please?” He whined like a three year old jumping in his seat.

“I said no.” I closed my legs and sat up to face him not making eye contact. “I know you have needs, and there are plenty of girls that would be happy to-”

He placed two fingers against my lips to stop me from talking. We’ve had this conversation a couple of times in the past and he knew what I was going to say. He shook his head then stared into my eyes. “I don’t want to be with anyone but you. The girls before you were the past, and I see no other girl after you. You are the only one for me. You’re like my other half, you complete me. And I am willing to wait for as long as it takes, because I love you, and I don’t want to pressure you into doing something you aren’t ready for. This is the last time I will ever ask you.”

I smiled under his fingers. The only words I focused on was, I love you. That’s the first time, out of two years, he ever said those words in the exact form of I love you. “You said I love you.” He took his fingers off of my lips. “That’s the first time you have ever said that to me.”

“Its because its true.” He said in an excited voice and smiled.

I leaned in and pecked him on the lips. “But still no.”

“I respect that.” The excitement from his voice faded. He must have thought that would work. “But will you let me know when?”

I nodded twice. “Yes.” I pecked his lips once more. “Now come on. We have to get the others.” I climbed into the passengers seat.


“Hmm. Interesting.” I jotted down words that described the dangling object I saw before me. “You seem…tense.” I said as I looked up at his face.

“No, no. I’m fine. Really.” His voice gave him away. He seemed tense and embarrassed. I don’t see why though, I have known him since kindergarten and his size is amazing. Not something he should be embarrassed about.

“Okay. I’m done.” I took one more look before I got off my knees and walked over to the bed, a bored expression on my face, while he pulled up his boxers and pants. I heard a sigh of relief escape from him as I zipped my bag up after putting away the notebook and pen.

“So, have you heard from Emmett/Jasper_Lover529?” He asked, his voice shaky.

“I haven’t checked my messages yet. You mind?” I turned around. His hands were in his front pockets. His head was tilted, his black hair covered half of his eyes, and his deep sea blue eyes were nailed to the white wall.

“Go ahead.” He turned and left the room. Probably going to lay on the couch in the living room for a while till he’s back to normal. I shrugged and went to the computer.

I turned the power on and waited a few seconds for it to load. The screen went black and the password thing popped up on the screen in red. “Password?” I said out loud thinking. “Hey, Kirby. I need a password.” I waited a few minutes. “Kirby?” I spun myself around in the seat. I stood up and walked to the door.

I left his room and went straight to the living room. He wasn’t laying down on the black leather couch like I thought. “Kitchen.” I was thinking out loud. “Kirby?” I called once more walking down the hall towards the kitchen but I stopped as I past the bathroom door. I don’t know why I stopped, but something in my gut told me to.

I crept back to the door, turned the knob slowly, and peeked my head through the door. My eyes flew out of my head. “Oh my god! I’m so sorry!” I slipped my head out and hurried back to his bedroom.

I sat on his bed by my bag biting my nails when he came in. “Ashley and Johnny are here.” He crept towards the computer without making eye contact.

“Okay.” I stood up, grabbing my things, and rushed out the door shutting it behind me.


“There is no way you are going to defeat me.”

“I wouldn’t say that, Will.” James pressed the buttons wildly on the game controller.

“Aha! One quick jab from my light saber, then I will destroy you once again, Dark Vader.” I moved along with my character as I steered him around avoiding the shooting robots and the red light saber. I, Anakin Skywalker, have defeated Dark Vader once again, slicing his body in half from the waist.

James dropped his controller in defeat. “I will return, young Skywalker.”

We heard an amused laugh come from the doorway. “Lemon? What are you doing in James’ lair?” I asked looking at my little sister.

“Hi, Catherine.” I looked at James who was grinning and turning red.

“Please, call me Lemon, James. Come on, Will.”

I stood up after three hours of sitting in the green bean bag chair, my legs were tingling, and I set down the controller atop of it. “Tomorrow.” I stalked off towards the door.

“I, Dark Vader, will have my day, Anakin.” he paused. “Bye, Catherine, er, I mean Lemon.”

I shut the door behind me following Lemon to the front door. “Bye, Mrs. Owen.” I yelled loud enough before I shut the door.



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