The Cat Story- (Wormkits Siblings and his View)
Author: Silverstone

Chapter 1
Chapter One

 A white medium haired she-cat lay on the ground of the nursery. She had three large kits lying at her side. One of her kits meowed at her and flicked her small ginger tail. “Shush my darling” the queen said to the ginger kit who had just meowed. She had named her Finchkit. 

 A black and white she-cat padded into the den with a pile of herbs in her jaws.  “What is it Swiftclaw” the queen meowed.


“Reathtail is having her kits very soon and I want to prepare for the kitting, Snowfeather”.


“ 6 ½ moons after my kitting, I though that Reathtails kits would never come out” exclaimed Snowfeather happily, her long white tail pushing a moss ball back towards her grey and white kit.


 “Yes” said Swift claw “ but atleast we'll have them... Dancingflame looks like she might be expecting kits too though”.  A grey she-cat lying next to Snowfeather nodded pulling her two small kits closer to her belly. 

"Yes, I hope Tanstar gets better soon to so your kits can be apprenticed Snowfeather"  the grey she-cat said flicking her tail at Snowfeathers three kits. Swiftclaw nodded walked over to a brown and white tabby who was sitting near the edge of the den .  "I think their coming"  the tabby told Swiftclaw. Swiftclaw felt the tabby's stomach and nodded.  " Snowfeather and Greymist, I think it would be a good idea to send your kits out after what happened last time" Swiftclaw said.


 "Run along little ones"  Snowfeather said nudging her kittens out of the nursery.  They were a bit figetly and very curious and Snowfeather did not want them to aggrivate Reathtail while she kitted like they aggrivated Greymist when she had.


Sparrowkit a little silver she-cat with a white tipped tail was the first kitten to bound out of the nursery . Her brother a little grey and white tom followed her out. Finchkit the ginger she-cat followed bounded alongside her brother.  "Soo, whatcha wanta do"  she asked.  Out of all the kits in the litter Finchkit was the most curious and full of energy. 


"I really don't know"  Wormkit said quietly before pipping up and tapping Finchkit with his tail.  "Bet you can't catch me though"  he called running around a large ledge made of a shiny marble like surface.  He stopped infront of a wall of litchen waving in the wind. "Finchkit!"  he screamed.  A small tortishell she-cat sitting by the side of the camp wall stood up and walked over to Wormkit.  "Thats Tanstars den"  she told him " Maroonfrosts in there and you don't want to annoy her".  


But Sagewhiskers warning was to late and a dark ginger, almost red furred she-cat walked out of the den the fur on her back raised.  "Please... be...quiet"  she told Wormkit her voice straining trying to stay calm.  Wormkit nodded briskly and ran back around the rock.  He was greeted by a very old looking light brown tom.  "Don't worry about Maroonfrost"  he rasped running his tail down Wormkits back.  "She's just worried about Tanstar" he said.  "Yes"  Wormkit said shyly "I know".  "Well she shan't worry any more... Tanstar was put out of his misary and she knew that"  the light brown tom asked chuckling.  "What!" Wormkit asked "You mean Tanstars dead!".  "Yes"  the tan tom said chuckling still. "Whats so funny"  Wormkit said.  "Oh my gosh"  Wormkit said realizing who he was talking to "You ARE Tanstar".  The tan tom nodded.  "Well I better be going"  he said and Tanstar dissapeared into thin air.


Wormkit ran out from behind the rock and went to find Finchkit and Sparrowkit.  He saw them over by the elders den.  Wormkit ran up to tham and blurted out "I saw a StarClan cat".  "Ha, you've got bee's in your brain"  Finchkit said happily before being run into by a small skinny black tom.


 “Sorrrryyy” he meowed quickly jumping to his feet his tail fluffed out and his fur standing on end. “That’s alright” Finchkit meowed to him smiling “what is your name?”  “Blackpaw” he meowed quietly “What’s yours”. “ I'm Finchkit, this is my brother Wormkit and my sister Sparrowkit” Finchkit meowed in her usual happy voice. “Oh” Blackpaw said shyly, and then he ran into the elders den accidentally and tripped over Rosepetals tail.

Finchkit looked behind her and saw why Blackpaw was running.  Tigerfang a large and strict tabby tom with large amber eyes had walked up behind the kits.

 “Have you seen my apprentice” Tigerfang growled, you could tell from the tone in his voice he was clearly unhappy. Finchkit looked at her paws and guessed that Blackpaw was his apprentice and that was why he was running. “Ummm, who's your apprentice” Wormkit asked Tigerfang. “Mouse dung, kits don't know anything” cursed Tigerfang and he walked past them flicking his long thick tabby tail.  Tigerfang was one of the most loyal, but scariest cats in HollowClan.

Wormkit just shrugged.  "Whats wrong with him?"

Just then Finchkit saw a dark grey paw beckoning all three of the kits into a hedge behind the nursery. "Whats that"?  Finchkit asked her siblings. Wormkit and Sparrowkit shrugged. "Maybe its an enamy warrior"  Sparrowkit mentioned. "Naah" said Finchkit "They wouldn't dare to come into our territory".


Finchkit ran into the hedge not caring if it was an enemy warrior or not.  Wormkit followed her cautiously only to be snatched by a light golden tabby she-cat who smelled like water and whose pelt was muddy. She had four other cats with her who were grasping Wormkit and two kits she did not recognize. They all slowly trotted out of the bushes and started running north with amazing speed.

 Finchkit knew these four cats had to be Rush Clan warriors. Tney where known for being fast and lived in a very boggy taritory. Was this a game Finchkit wondered.  Wormkit was being carried by a tall dark brown tabby tom that seemed to be leading this group. Two other kits were struggling in a dark grey toms jaws and a tabby she-cats.  The two kittens weren't HollowClans.  They were lean and light colored and had a fresh and weird sent.  Probably EagleClan.  Then it hit her what Rush Clan cats were doing in Hollow Clan territory.

 They were kidnapping them.

Finchkit felt like screaming for help but the warriors from RushClan looked so strong and evil that Finchkit fell limp and did not even make a peep.  What am I going to do Finchkit screamed to herself. 


The group finally reached the Hollow Clan border with EagleClan and NightClan which was a long river called Snake Gorge.  The RushClan cats leaped into the long river that was to long for even the best jumper in HollowClan to leap.  RushClan were exelent swimmers and had crossed to the other side in no time. Finchkit guessed it came from living in swampy areas.   Finchkit was so scared and amazed with the RushClan cats for this swimming.

 Snake Gorge had been the end of many cats live because below the deep surface of the water are small rocks that are sharp enough to cut a deep gash. There is a ledged that says that a clan leader leaped over the large gorge and sent a pack of dogs to there death in that gorge.

 Ledged also says that a HollowClan leader named SnakeStar leader slipped on some slippery rocks and fell into the gorge and that now he guides all cats to Star Clan that fall into that gorge. That was also why the gorge was called Snake Gorge.  


The RushClan cats pulled themselves out of the water and ran for their territory.  Right now they were on the border of two clans territory that were parell to each others.

 Eagle Clan’s territory was a large prairie and had eagle’s circling over head.  NightClan the clan on the other side lived in a dense forest.  For some reason twolegs had cut all the trees away on the other side of the border a lond time ago and the trees never grew back.  They also made little ponds and holes.  Twolegs had stopped coming there a long time ago and some brush grew back.  The prarie was big enough to support two clans but none of the other clans liked living on the Prarie so eagleClan had claimed it all.


 Then something unexpected happened. Wormkit bit his capture’s neck so the tom let go. "Get him"  the tom screeched leaping for Wormkit.  Wormkit sprang into Night Clan territory. No one chased him, they seemed to know if they were caught by an enemy patrol they would be crow food.

 Night Clan was destined to be strong and no one dared mess with them. Rush Clan has always been afraid of Night Clan. No one knows why, not even Night Clan. But Finchkit worried for her brother’s safety.

 Then Finchkit somehow knew her brother would be alright. They were all supposed to be apprentice’s right now, but the leader had severe green cough for half a moon and couldn’t make them apprentices.

 So Finchkit sat limp in the golden she-cats mouth and waited as they began the short journey into Rush Clan territory...


The boundry between EagleClan and NightClan was fairly long so Finchkit was bored for quite some time.  The sent of EagleCLan grew very strong in one area so Finchkit then knew that a patrol had come threw the area.  The RushClan cats hurrried there pace ande soon the ground below started getting wetter ande sloping downhill.  The border was a small boggy steam. 


The RushClan cats wadded through the shallow stream and crossed into their territory. 


At that moment Finchkit wondered what Sparrowkit was thinking......


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