Kid Island
Author: Colleen Miller

Chapter 5
The Second Challange


I expected for us to appear back in Kid Island but as I looked around I could tell this was definitely not Kid Island.  There was sand as far as the eye could see all around us and it was beating hot, not like a summer day in Connecticut I mean HOT! There were cactus plants and weird lizards scattered throughout the ground I looked up to see Katherine on a television screen.

“Welcome to the Sahara Desert” she said “I have brought you here for your second challenge”

“Uh…how many challenges are there going to be?” asked Molly

“Did you really think we were going to hand Kid Island over to you without you earning it?” she asked

We all shook our heads and she started to explain the challenge to us.

“Today is about teamwork. You will have to build a bridge for your team out of the materials you can find and walk across that River in a half hour.”

“Where is the River?” I asked

She pointed to the right and I saw a faint blue line in the distance.

She put her hand up.

“Your time starts now!”

All four of us split up to find materials. Molly went with Lilly to search around in the sand and I went with Nick over to the river. We found a few sticks at the base of the river but couldn’t find anything else to help us get across.  A couple minutes later Molly and Lilly arrived with the same thing.

“This isn’t going to work will it?” asked Nathalie

“Well” said Nick “We could jump across”

“It’s too wide” I said “plus that defeats the purpose we’re supposed to build a bridge.”

“Maybe we could use a cactus for something” suggested Molly.

“That would hurt to walk across” I said 

“Not if we cut it in half” said Lilly

“With what?” I asked

She pointed to my hand I realized I was still holding a knife from cutting Nick’s sandwich.

“I have an idea” said Nick “If we cover it in mud and let it sit out in the sun it will harden and make it sturdier.”

I looked at him “How come you can’t be smart on a regular basis? I asked him. “I’ll start cutting a cactus you guys gather some mud.”

I walked over to a relatively tall cactus and carefully started cutting down the center. After a little while Molly came over and put some mud on it. Eventually we had one long piece of cactus connected by hardened mud. I was scared that it wouldn’t harden but it was so hot that it only took about five minutes. We cautiously picked up the long piece and laid it across the river. One by one we walked across it and none of us fell in.

Katherine’s screen appeared from nowhere “not bad” she said “but the hardest challenge is yet to come just wait. “ On that happy note we returned to my room where Nick gulped down his unfinished sandwich





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