Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 51
Narrow Horizons

Narrow Horizons


Behind these hard, brown eyes
There lies a dull event less life,
A life way bound by circumstance
Hard poverty and strife.
A life way limited by race
And geographic streets
Where confrontation dictates
How this population meets.
The smoky pall of hopelessness
Hangs heavy in the air
And the spray can spits it’s signature
On every surface bare.
Where bottles smashed against the wall
Leave sharpness strewn about
And the bloodstains on the pavement
Indicate THIS mindless lout
Is lashing out and hurting
Any soul who happens bye
In order to be recognized
As the primo, street hard guy.
The violence is contagious
You sense it in the air
The carloads of young angry men
Who threaten everywhere.
The hunted look of women,
Old men in full retreat
And the kiddies eyes that idolize
The gangsters in the street.
Few people work in this regime
The dole is paid to all
And the major source of income
Is the “P” trade in the hall.
And successive generations
Who have inherited this deal
Have these installed expectations
With such limited appeal.
You can try to break the system
But you’ll find the rules applied
Will just throw you back to poverty
Or will lock you up inside.
The binding laws of our society
Make it plain and go to show
There’s no escape from your foul corner
Just be content with what you know.
There IS a way to break the chain
It involves change and some real pain
LEAVE your comfort zone and run
To somewhere fresh out in the sun
Where hoodies …are never seen
And lost street kids have never been.
Each thing you do, each word you say
Improve it… in the smallest way.
Lift your act in tiny bites
Raise your head, turn on the lights.
Play straight and never lift your fist
…Become unconfrontationalist.
Gradually you’ll see the prize
You’ll moderate and normalize.
Today you made a paradigm shift
Tomorrow’s expectations lift
Smile a lot and you will see
Mangere Bridge
2nd June 2008


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