The game
Author: Peter Licari

Chapter 3
Welcome To The Game

“Is there anyone there?!” Bellowed Robert Parker. “Someone, anyone who can get us down?!”

Silence was his answer.

“Help!” He and his partner yelled at the top of their lungs.

Again they were met with silence.

“D--- it!” Parker screamed. “No! I will not be chained here and made some psycopath’s plaything! Jesus crap Mark, we’re in deep shi-”

“I would watch your language Mr. Parker.” Said an unfamiliar voice coming from his left sound. He snapped his head over towards the sound and his heart leapt into his throat. Out from a door that was camouflaged to look like part of the surrounding stone came a man wearing black jeans, a black long-sleeved shirt, black leather gloves, and perhaps the most frightening, a black mask that covered his entire face with a white question mark running from his left brow to his chin. He appeared to be of average height and build but walked over to Parker with the authority of a giant.

“Who the h--- are you?!” Parker demanded lunging forward in his chains. “Who are you and why the h--- are we in this d--- dungeon?!”

The man continued to walk past him towards his business associate and checked the chain around his neck to make sure it was tight enough. The man hanging in the air was to afraid of his captor to speak a single syllable.

The silence seemed to suit the masked man as he bent over and checked the platform and chains at the man’s feet. Satisfied, he walked over to Parker and started tugging on his chains to check their dexterity.

“When I get my hands on you, you bastard, I’m going break your neck with my bare hands you hear me.” Parker growled as the man was checking the angle of the gun above his head.

The man continued to work in silence and once seeming pleased with his work, turned and started to walk away towards the podium.

“Hey!” Parker yelled. “Let me down! Do you have any idea who the h--- I am? Do you know what a huge mistake you’re making? Do you?! Let me down you little shi-”

The man grabbed Parker by the cheeks and scrunched up his lips so he couldn’t finish his swear.

“Mr. Parker,” Said the man, his voice rough but having a somewhat hypnotic tone to it. “I do, in fact know who you are. You are the owner of Chemicorp, one of the biggest chemical companies in the world. You have a wife, three regular flames, five children, including your three illegitimate ones and the two you had with your wife, one of which isn’t even your own and your fine with it because you ‘hate the little bastard for taking up your pay.’ You have an affinity for cocaine cut strait from Colombia, no processing and you pay handsomely for it. Almost as much as the diamond necklace you bought your mistress/secretary after her 19th birthday last week. I know you quiet well Mr. Parker but I insist that you censor your language, it would make you quiet a bad role model for the millions of people who are about to see you on their idiot boxes.”

He let go of Parker’s astonished face, tapped it lightly two times, and continued onwards to his podium.

“What do you mean by that?” Parker asked, still in shock.

The man pulled a remote from his pocket and turned his masked face towards Parker.

“You’re about to play a game, Mr. Parker. One that will be televised for everyone in America to see in a medium that they all know so well, televison. I’m going to tell you and your partner this once, sir, and that is that you do not talk unless I say for you to. If you do, I’ll simply push a button on this remote and your partner will be hung while your brains are splattered onto the floor. Do I make myself clear gentlemen?”

Parker nodded solemly, his heart beating faster then a shrews while his partner started sobbing in agreement.

“Good” said the man as he pointed his remote towards the camera in front of him. “It’s show time.”

He pressed a button on the remote and instantly the constant red light started to blink. He lowered the remote and looked towards the camera.

“Greetings America,” he said. “I know you were probably enjoying your cartoons, news reports, and trivial game shows with giant spinning wheels, but it is time for a different type of entertainment. I assure you, it is unlike anything you or anyone you know has ever seen before. Ladies and gentlemen of the country, welcome to the game.”


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