The game
Author: Peter Licari

Chapter 2
Guilty Pleasures

Jonathon Daniels was sitting home alone, enjoying his daily guilty pleasure of Wheel of Fortune with a fuzzy navel, not thinking about anything in particular. He didn’t know that halfway across the nation one of the most important men in the world was chained to an ancient stone wall. He knew as much about that as he knew about how he, and nearly 300 million other people in the nation, were about to become part of the game. The only thing on his mind was the puzzle on the TV.

“It’s Bradgelina!” He yelled at the television. “Bradgelina Jolie! God d--- how can people not know this?”

“I’d like to buy a vowel,” Said one of the contestants. “A ‘U’ please”

“Oh my god!” Daniels yelled exasperated at the television. “Really, a freaking ‘U?’ How can you be that retarded? Everyone knows who Bradgelina Jolie is!”

Even if the world didn’t know who Bradgelina was, it was one of the thousands of little facts that he knew. He could tell you which starlet was pregnant and which starlet was setting a world record for the shortest marriage/ divorce proceedings. His knowledge didn’t just end with the females of the strip; he also knew which actors were getting what role and how much they were getting paid for them. He didn’t know those facts because he was interested or paid to know. He only knew those facts because he had nothing better to do. He used to be paid to do things with his hands, to create but unfortunately, he was just one of the thousands of construction workers to suffer at the hands of the economy.

“I would like to solve the puzzle!” One of the contestants announced.

“About time” Daniels muttered taking a sip.

“Is it Bradgelina?” The woman asked hopefully

“Thank god!” He declared as the television audience began to applaud. “Jesus Christ, I thought she’d be one of those terrible failures who doesn’t know that the word lunar means ‘moon.’”

He gulped down the rest of his drink and looked back at the small TV in his apartment and was surprised to see nothing but static, instead of a game show with a large colorful wheel.

“What the h---?” he muttered. He tried to flip to another channel, thinking that it was maybe the station having tech problems. However he continued to flip through each channel and all he found was static.

“What the h--- is wrong with my TV?!” He bellowed as he threw his glass at the wall and watched as it shattered. “Did someone cut my d--- cable again?! I swear to god if this is another one of Vinni’s pranks, I’m going to kick his miserable ass.”

He wasn’t the only one facing technical problems. In reality, every single television in the untied states was showing the exact same static. As he and most of America cursed at their TV sets, Robert Parker and his partner were screaming at the top of their lungs in search of some means to be rescued. They all didn’t know that they were interconnected. They didn’t know that they were all now a part of the game.


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