The game
Author: Peter Licari

Chapter 1

It was dark and Robert Parker was in pain. His head felt like it was constantly being drilled by a jackhammer and the darkness seemed to be palpable enough to flood his lungs and drown him. He didn't quite remember why he was in such pain or why he was in darkness. Honestly, he didn't remember much of anything. The last thing he can bring up to mind were memories from what he assumed was just a few hours prior. He was being chauffeured around New York City with a newly acquired business partner celebrating the acquisition of millions of dollars to their overseas bank accounts. He remembered enjoying the things that come with owning one of the largest chemical corporations in the world. Things such as pure Columbian cocaine and the best call girls in the city battling each other for a right to own a portion of his wealth. After that though, nothing. His mind was a clean slate.

The lights were thrown and he was blinded by the swift transition from darkness to light and he squinted his eyes as they adjusted to the brightness. Soon he could see clearly and his heart-rate began to rise. He realized that he was bound to a mildewed stone wall by heavy iron chains around his wrists, legs, and neck. He noticed in front of him was a camera with a blinking red light recording his every movement. He looked to his right and noticed yet another camera observing him.

“Help!” He called out trying to move in his shackles. “Can anybody hear me? Help!”

Another light was turned on and the rest of the chamber became brilliantly lit up. He noticed directly across from him was a podium with two large levers and a camera on the top and a large scoreboard on the wall behind it. Further down the room was his business partner standing on a pedestal with a chain around his neck, hung from the ceiling. His hands were bound behind his back and his feet had shackles on him to prevent him from moving off the platform.

“Mark!” Parker yelled to his partner. “Mark, are you ok?”

“Robert?!” His partner asked. “Oh my god, please tell me that's you!”              

“Yeah it's me.” Parker said. “What the h--- is going on? Where are we?”

“I'm not sure.” He replied. “It looks like some kind of demented TV studio.”

“Hold on Robert, I'm going to try and get down from here. Maybe I can work my way out of it.”

“No don't move!” Parker yelled. “Let's just try to work this out before we do something to get ourselves killed.”

He looked around for something, anything, to aide in his escape. He looked above at the chains for some sort of weakness in one of the links. Not only did he find that the chain had no weaknesses, he also discovered a loaded handgun pointing down at his skull. He looked back at his partner and then at the blinking light on the camera. Robert Parker was in a very bad situation.


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