Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 10
The Magic 8 Ball

Savannah was greeted by Tippet as soon as she came home. Tippet swiped his black, furry paw across her arm, eager to play with her.

Savannah laughed. "It's great to see you, too!" She gave him a kiss.

She hung her backpack on the wall-hook and headed upstairs to her bedroom. Her bedroom smelled like tangerines and apples. It was the fresh, welcoming scent that captivated her.

She changed out of her school clothes and into a pair of red shorts and a white shirt that had the words Silver Lake Jets Cheerleading Squad printed in red letters. They were supposed to be her cheer uniform from sixth grade, the year she got kicked off the cheer team for misbehavior. 
  Savannah wasn't really a good cheerleader. The only reason she was on the team was because any sixth grader who showed up to the call-out meeting was automatically a member of the squad. It wasn't fair when she got kicked off. All she did was laugh in Mrs. Hannigan's class and Mrs. Hannigan immediately had her cheerleading coach dismiss her from the team. Savannah assumed Mrs. Hannigan was just bitter from not making the cheer team when she was young. To make matters worse, her teacher, Mrs. Neil, had announced in front of the entire social studies class about Savannah's unfortunate circumstances. She wasn't being mean, she just thought she was consoling Savannah. Teachers would often embarrass her unintentionally. Sixth grade hadn't been a good year for her. She didn't have any friends, her grades were horrible, people called her a "retard" on a daily basis and insulted her whenever a teacher wasn't around.

 Things got better in seventh and eighth grade, but she still felt lonely. However, her friends Eileen and Phoebe sometimes kept her company. She referred to them as her "best friends".

 They never hung out outside of school together. The closest thing they had ever gotten to hanging outside of school was eating out at Burger King during lunch. And that was because her resource teacher, Mrs. Dawson, had requested that in order for Savannah to make more friends.

She sighed. I hope Paramount isn't like that.
 Savannah flopped onto her comfortable bedspread, allowing Tippet to climb onto her lap.

"You wanna know how my day went?" she asked Tippet in a high voice.

The dog whimpered, nuzzling his soft head against her lap.

"It was okay, I guess." she started. "I've met quite a few nice people."

The first day at Paramount High hadn't been excruciating. She remembered when Judy Detillo had invited her for lunch and told her she should sit with them anytime she wanted. She smiled at the thought. Knowing one nice person gave her a slight hope of starting off fresh. No one knew who she was or even heard of her. Those girls in journalism class that were talking about some new girl being annoying couldn't have been talking specifically about her. Her slate was clean and no one could judge her.

Unlike her experiences at Silver Lake.

Then there was that guy she had seen in the hallway. She hadn't thought much about him since, but suddenly the thought of him reared right inside her head again. His smile and hair were the first thing she had noticed. She knew it was probably the reason she had smashed into a column on the first floor. Embarrassing as it was, she just had to laugh.

That guy had no idea who she was and he could care less if he had saw her blunder. It was probably a distant memory in his mind. But then Savannah thought about Scott Phillips. He had told her in the summer between seventh and eighth grade that the reason why he wouldn't date her was because she wasn't popular.

Savannah was crushed by the realization and spent nearly half of her eighth grade year trying to be popular. But it seemed like no matter how pretty she looked, no matter how cool her hair or outfit look, Scott never noticed her. He was too busy noticing Zoe Brennan and Vera Lopez. Vera Lopez was the prettiest and most popular girl in the school. Every guy thought she was hot. No doubt that Scott wanted to get with her. He had even told Savannah that on MySpace.

She hoped the guy she had seen today wasn't like that. But judging his looks, he was probably right with the popular kids. Like those girls Stephanie Dice, Leighton Harold, and Courtney Hofstadter. They were nice to her in class, but how long would it take before they realize she was a complete and utter nobody.

Her mom and real dad had wondered why she was having such a hard time bonding with the other students. They had special ed teachers help her in elementary school with homework and interacting with other kids, but they never fully understand what the problem was. Savannah remembered faintly of the time where her mom was discussing to her long-time friend, Aunt Martha, about what the problem might be.

But Savannah thought it was a little strange.


Why would she think I'm artistic? She had wondered.

She wasn't really good at drawing, so why would her mom say she was artistic? Savannah never thought much of it again and allowed the memory to disappear from her head.

Over by the bookshelf, there was a black Magic 8 ball lying on one of the shelves. She reached over and took it.

When she was six (or seven), her mom had gotten her the Magic 8 Ball from KB Toyz. It was considered a status symbol to have one. All of the girls were carrying it around, shaking it around, looking for answers to their problems, and showing it off to everyone that was in sight.

As soon as her mom gave it to her, she was elated. During the times she would take a test, play a computer game, or compete in the YMCA Basketball Team for Young Girls, she would ask the Magic 8 Ball whether she would succeed or not. Usually, it would turn out exactly as it had said it would. Sometimes it wouldn't. But Savannah always believed in it.

She smiled at it and shook it. "Oh, Magic 8 Ball, will I have a good year at my new school?"

The diamond like thing turned over a few times in the window until one side faced up, revealing "looks like it".

"Ha!" she squealed triumphantly.

Tippet's ears perked up in curiosity.

Savannah rubbed his fur. "Like the Magic 8 Ball said, I might have a good year here."


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