Author: Elruade

Chapter 18
Hare Basreol Profile

Hare Basreol

(Hah-ray Bassrel)


Age: 26

Favorite time: Morning.

Favorite food: orange merange


Enjoys the daytime; at night he shuts down.

Early on showed signs of addiction to oranges. Developed

Yellow spots on fingers and toes.

Thin demeanor. Wears black coat, with a white hoody underneath, and a long undershirt decorated with oranges.

‘Inevitability of Death’ was his first movie. He got the role of James Bond instantly because of his remarkable skill in handsignals and silent performance.

Was inspired by Eastern flicks and silent movies. Lived quietly and enjoyed listening to music. Owned a mule also,

which he took care of in his backyard.

During shooting of the film, however, the image of James Bond took him over, and he killed himself by jumping in the Seine. Similar things happened in other Bond flicks; for example, Pierce Brosnan became mentally deranged during filming of ‘Die Another Day’. It is believed that Hare killed himself because he believed death was an inevitability.

In fact, the reason why james Bond actors go mad is

Because of the weight his name carries. It is as if they buckle underneath it. However, they seem to experience

A profound sense of freedom for a moment, and show no

Care anymore for life or death.

21st Bond was an experimental film; the director wanted to make a new turn for the James Bond series; to put him alone in the shot without other people, therefore showing his inner nature. After Hare was found dead in the water,

they called off production, and it became a very expensive flop.






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