the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 45
Rock Bottom Pit

rock bottom pit
my eyes rushed across those words
as i tried to study for tests
to memorise as much as i could
but i wanted to take a rest

i wanted to turn and help a friend
who fell into a hole
she needed more rest than i could want
and peace for her troubled soul

i want to bend down and reach far out
and grab hold of you hand
to lift you from the rock bottom pit
and back onto stable land

i want to water the flowers in your yard
and turn the grass so green
to remove the weeds and stop the wither
of the sadness i have seen

too late too late i said to myself
as you signed out goodbye
so all i could do was write in words
regret i cannot deny

i want to call out into the deep dark pit
and comfort your weary soul
i hope to climb in and be with you
even in your deepest hole

sometimes i ask myself this question
do i really cry
when my friend's down and out
or is it but a sigh

sometimes i question my mind
would i really fall
with her into the rock bottom pit
would i even call

sometimes i wonder what friendship is
does it equal sympathy
but now it doesn't matter
for your sorrows have found me

i feel for you dearest friend
although the pain's not mine
but somehow i want to understand
the troubles of your kind

though what i can do is limited
and what i say will fade
but the best thing i can share
is my one and only faith

He hears your endless cry
He fell into the hole
to dry your painful tears
and save your wearied soul

He calls out in an angel's voice
so sweet and full of hope
"don't give up!" He cries
He will help you cope

sometimes it's only in these pits
that we will learn to see
the Lord that loves you most
has been faithful to me

and today i rush for tests
to study all i can
but you're my wake up call
that i shouldn't be pleasing men

so much to do and worry
that i have soon pushed out
the Lord who would pull me through
the Lord that would never doubt

i'm but a friend with mere words
i cannot give you a lot
but Jesus is my everything
and with you i can share God

He took away my troubles
He told me to go on
and whenever i drew away
He remade this special bond

someday all i say would be forgotten
someday you won't remember
but for now He's here with you
today and forever

i thought long and hard
perhaps i would not fall
into the pit with you
maybe i don't care at all

someday i won't be around
to listen to what you do
so remember these words forever
God is always with you

to a friend who fell who was going through the worst troubles of her life


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