True Memoirs of A Liar 2: Sacrifice
Author: C Lawson

Chapter 20
Fair Deal pt.1

I stepped into the hotel’s elevator with Samuel.  Samuel was staying in the room next to mine with another goon.  The other two goons of the Goon Squad were in my other neighboring room.

            “Are you okay?” he asked.  I nodded. “Are you angry?”

            “You pulled a gun out on him!  You could have killed him!” I exclaimed in a strained voice.  I just wanted to go and mope in my own solitude. “It doesn’t matter.  At least no one was hurt.”

            “You were hurt.”

            “No, I wasn’t.  And if the Rock asks, that is exactly what you say,” I told him firmly.  I called Mr. Stone the Rock, or preferably the Jackass.  But the Rock was more accessible.  Samuel watched me for a moment longer and then led the way out of the elevator when the doors opened slowly.  I walked quickly to my room and when Samuel tried to follow me inside I told him no.

            “Miss, I always accompany you in.  Get you settled,” he said as if I was being ridiculous.

            “Samuel, I really need to be by myself for a while.”

            “But miss—”

            “Samuel, please,” I insisted softly.  He nodded professionally, like he did around Mr. Stone and walked slowly to his room.  I closed the door to my room and just stood there.  My nerves still hadn’t calmed down.  They were like jumping jellybeans.  A knock sounded on my door and I turned around slowly, knowing it was Samuel.

            I opened the door. Alex was standing there, drenched from head to toe and looking gorgeous.  He forged his way into the room and shut the door behind him and swept me into his wet arms in one swift move.  My thoughts were slammed into a big blender of confusion and I couldn’t think straight.

            “Alex, you can’t be here!” I whispered in an urgent tone.  He nodded into my shoulder and held me tighter. “No, Alex, I’m serious!” I told him in a begging tone.  I circled my arms around him as well, holding him to me, but knowing it was wrong.

            “I know,” he confessed, walking with me in his arms, making me tread backwards.

            “Alex, please leave,” I begged, fearing for his safety.  Samuel would be checking in on me soon and I couldn’t explain why he was here.  But if he left now, he could make it.  We were still backing up. “Alex, you can still leave.”

            “No, I can’t, Bright Eyes,” he told me in a soft tone.  I ran my fingers through his hair and he kissed my neck.

            “You can’t stay here,” I told him earnestly, losing myself in the heat of his body.  His muscles tightened against my body when we quickly retreated into a wall.

            “Then come with me,” he proposed carefully.  Alex pulled back slightly to look at my face. “Camille, you have no idea—”

            “Oh, I think I have some idea,” I guessed, letting my hand cup his face.  He closed his eyes and pressed more fully into my palm.  I lifted my other hand and traced his jaw line.  My fingers eventually trailed up to his hairline and I finger-combed it back.  Alex sighed roughly. “Alex you have to go.  Now,” I told him.

            He opened his eyes and stared at me incredulously. “You want me to leave?”

            “No.  It’s inevitable that you and I can’t be together—”

            “You still have the ring,” he noted, ignoring me completely and looking at me with love and admiration.  He brushed the back of his fingers across my cheekbone and then his fingertips traveled down my neckline and to the middle of my chest where the ring lay.  Alex lifted it gently as if it would break at any moment.

            “Alex, you are going to be killed if you stay here,” I told him.

            “By who?  Your guard?  Mr. One-of-many?  Do you really think he could do anything to me?” Alex was arrogant about it, as I knew he might be.

            “You were shot before, remember?” I asked. “You’re fast, strong, trained, and better than anyone I’ve ever seen when it comes to combat.” I stared more deeply into his eyes. “But you’re not bulletproof, darling.” I gave him a weak smile and he tried to smile back. “You have to go.  I mean it, Alex.  I didn’t spend all this time here for you to be murdered.  And Samuel already doesn’t like you.  Shooting people is how we deal with people we don’t like in this business.”

            Alex stroked my hair and leaned his hips against mine heavily.  I bit my lip.  I knew what he was trying to do.  It was not going to work.  Alex tucked a lock of my hair behind my ear and kissed my jaw affectionately.

            “Do you know what tonight is?” he wondered.  I nodded as his hands caressed my hips. “It’s our wedding night.” I shuddered at the seductive sound of his voice. “I think we should celebrate.”

            “We weren’t married,” I pointed out, intertwining my fingers at the nape of his neck.

            “Use your imagination,” he pleaded, his fingertips trailing the outline of my face.  Alex began to lower his head to meet my lips and I turned my face the other way.

            “Alex,” I started while he groaned into my neck.

            “You just made me take a nosedive into the wall.  Next time could you warn me?” I laughed and he hummed a pleasant murmur. “Mmmm.  I missed that sound,” he admitted, supposedly in a dream-like state.

            “I don’t want to get hurt anymore than is absolutely necessary,” I said in a quiet business-like tone.

            “I would never—”

            “Not intentionally,” I interrupted. “But we can’t go any further, Alex.  We just can’t.”

            “Why not?” he demanded, pulling my waist against him.  He did this slowly so I would expect what he was doing.

            “If we do, I won’t be able to let you go.  And I know I have to.  Crazy coincidences keep bringing us together, when force is so obviously tearing us apart.  I need to keep you alive, Alex.  That is all that was going through my head, and it still is.”

            “Camille, why didn’t you just tell me?  I stayed angry at you for months.  When you were doing this for me?” I nodded.  I realized the stupidity of the situation and flung my arms around him, hugging him and letting him hug me. “Bright Eyes, I missed you.”

            “You’re shivering.  The least I can do is get you a change of some dry clothes.” Alex gave me a confused look. “Don’t worry.  You won’t be wearing my things.  I might have, in the heat of the moment, taken a few of your shirts and pants with me when I left…” I trailed off and looked down at the floor.  Alex laughed long and loud.  He didn’t let go of me. “So, I guess we should get you out of those wet clothes,” I opted, feeling my face heat up when Alex gave me a devilish look.

            “Okay,” he agreed.  I slowly ran my fingers underneath his shirt and lifted it off of him.  I tried hard not to gasp.  I hadn’t seen him without a shirt in almost half a year.  I swallowed hard and Alex slid out of his pants.  His plaid red boxers were already taut across his hips and I tried even harder not to stare. “Do you think we need to shower?” he asked, attempting another kiss.  I covered his lips with my hand.  He took it away from his mouth and kissed it tenderly.

            “Wait here,” I told him, running to the bathroom and retrieving a towel.  I ran back to him, but stopped short when I realized I didn’t know what he wanted me to do with it.  Did he want me to give it to him?  Or did he want me to do it myself? I dried off his shoulders first.  His shoulders were a safe area.  Then I softly rubbed his face down with the warm towel.  I dropped it on top of his head and rumpled it around, drying it as much as I could and making him smile.

            “Sorry.  I’m no good at this,” I apologized, trying to concentrate on drying his chest and breathe at the same time.

            “Don’t worry, you’re doing fine,” he assured me, taking the towel from me and drying off the rest of his body solo.  I stared at him like he was a feast and I hadn’t eaten in forty days.  I tossed him a pair of clean pants and a white t-shirt of his. “I’ll make you a deal,” Alex started.  I groaned.  No deals, please, I recall complaining in my head, he is the only one that ever benefits from his deals. “No, this one is good,” he pleaded, reading my mind.

            “What is it?” I asked in an unconcerned voice.

            “It involves the possibility of me leaving…” he teased, making my interest perk up.  This was good news.  Samuel checked on me every hour on the hour.  It was ten-forty-five.  Alex smiled when he saw me give him my full attention. “Okay, I’m going to kiss you.” I took a step back. “No, listen,” he insisted, taking a step forward. “One kiss.  Then you decide if you want me to leave or not.” He waited, gauging my reaction.  I slowly raised my eyebrows. “Fair?”

            “Not by a long shot,” I retorted quietly.  I debated whether or not he was as strong as he thought himself to be.  I wondered if he really did have the power to make me throw away all of my morals, my common sense, my priorities, my new life?  I silently prayed that he didn’t. “Alright,” I gave in.  Oh God, give me strength.


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