Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 158























Transferred attention some where else

Then lost my train of thought,

Added an item to my list

Of stuff I should have bought.

Forgot to say those silly things

That make it all worth while,

And found myself in jockey shorts

With a lost and vacant smile.


Left the toothbrush in the toilet

And the razor in the lounge,

Fed the dog the bloody cat food

And the goldfish had to scrounge.

Woke up early on the weekend

And slept in late for work,

Is it really any wonder

That my poor wife has gone beserk ?


Distracted moments come and go

As life progresses on,

But in these periods of bewilderment

Have I come or have I gone ?

The confusion is annoying

It's like emerging from the mist

And embarrassed explanations

Leave my kid's expression pissed.


Conversations breeze along

I'm having trouble with the terms

The children utter gibberish

Which I've no desire to learn.

My old friends speak in whispers

Quite impossible to hear

And the clink of moving cutlery

Keeps dinner parties from my ear.


I guess a change is needed

Maybe, a less demanding day,

Where physicality is really secondary

Where exhaustion doesn't play.

Where the bodies limitations

Are tempered to the task

And a moderated output

Is, perhaps, the best that you can ask.


I've lost my sense of humour

The world is racing by too fast,

This mobile phone's a nightmare

And damned TV remotes I'm past.

And whatever happened to coffee

At my favourite Bridge cafe ?

Now the order is for decaff,

No cream, half strength, moccha frappe !!


Age is such a pisser

It's asset is it's stealth,

One moment you're a titan

The next you've lost your health.

One moment you've got flowing locks

The next you're bald and grim,

Is it any bloody wonder

That growing old is such a sin.




[email protected]

Mangere Bridge

10 August 2009 



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