Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 13
contrasting character

she was not sweet like candy nor colourful like rainbows. she was not sunshine but she was the moon. her reflection over the silver waters was brilliant yet dim. and she was the girl sunshine would be honoured to meet.


"sunshine sweetheart," her mother called as she came into the room seeing her daughter sprawled over the bed like a helpless creature. "cinnamon is coming over to play with you, dear."

sunshine jolted at the sound of cinnamon. that sourish taste in her mouth everytime cinnamon was mentioned. the taste used to be sweet like honey. it was fresh and delightful until she lost contact. she was ripped from her very best friend and they never saw each other again. with much wonder why cinnamon would so suddenly want to meet her again, she asked softly and sullenly, "i've forgotten that girl. why would i see her?"

"you would. of course you would," her mother grinned. "i remember the time when your friendships were so strong and playful."

"and then you took it all away!" sunshine screeched.

"sunshine. i'm giving it back to you. you yearn for cinnamon and she's coming back," her mother's voice cracked.

"she isn't coming back. she isn't the same. she isn't going to like me anymore."

"not after what you have made of yourself."

"i didn't make it. you did."


there was soft and cautious tap on the door and cinnamon's head popped in. "hey aunt," her voice was a cheer. too loud for sunshine. "hey sunshine, how have you been?" she asked more softly. there was sadness in her voice. sunshine's mother gave a polite grin and left.

"do you still remember the times we were together?" cinnamon asked.

sunshine refused to respond. she lay there silently.

"have you lost your voice?" she asked, this time more persistent.

"i haven't lost any voice!" sunshine exploded and leaped off the bed.

she pointed convictingly at cinnamon and then to the door, screaming, "leave me alone!"

cinnamon was taken aback by sunshine's sudden outburst. she withdrew shivering and fled. sunshine retreated into her bed once again and left the bitterness in the air to linger. it was what she missed. her best friend. for how could she have treated her like that. if she was not cruelly locked in, cinnamon and her would have seen better times but on the other hand, if they did not keep her in, she would not have lived to see her friend.


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