Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 46
To: The Oil Barons



Floating in wealth and bristling with power
You must feel quite replete,
With the world at your mercy and plenty of oil
Satisfaction must be complete.
Hydrocarbons ensure that tomorrow is rosy
The dollars will keep flooding in
But the truckers are bleeding
And the carrion’s feeding
And every ones cheque book is thin.
Big oil holds the world to ransom
Do you really think that we are mad?
Whist you plunder this globe’s riches
We should stand and watch you grab?
Each day you strip our wallets bare
When filling cars with gas,
You laugh out loud and shake your heads
And call all men an ass.
Well think again my wealthy boys
For our patience has expired,
We will tolerate your greed no more,
Our resolve has been fired
By your lack of care for fellow man,
Indifference to real harm
And the way you strut in arrogance
With that blonde beauty on your arm.
Whilst you lay back in your penthouse
Immersed deep in gold and fur,
The average Joe is struggling
To support his kids and her.
Your price of gas is killing him,
Escalating by the day
And the noose of debt is tightening
…Whilst YOU wealthy bastards play.
Collapse is on the increase,
Default in mortgage high
And the stink of ruination
Is permeating to the sky.
Do you see where this is heading?
Do you catch the message drift?
That the social fabric’s shredding
Towards a bad, chaotic shift.
YOUR greed is doing this.
YOUR manic lust for more.
YOUR lascivious grab for everything
Is driving mankind toward war.
The commercial world is reeling
National leaders appear flawed.
And the governmental fingers
Are pointing angrily at YOUR door.
Who is going to foot the blame
Who will pay in blood?
Why You… You hungry,oil pigs
You will drown in your black mud.
And the ordinary man will do it.
Because he’s on to see?
And the law of social justice
Will rule “DONE” by Gods decree.
So be warned that retribution
Is waiting, just around the bend
The axe will fall upon
Your skinny necks in one sharp slap
When the global public’s tolerance ends
Mangere Bridge
9th May 2008



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