The Lost World
Author: Tadia

Chapter 8
A Lost World

Sage opened his eyes and stared around him. He had somehow survived the fall into the center of the earth.


He squinted up at the roof of the chamber, but all he could see of the surface was a prinpeck of light hardly big enough to see. "Wow" Sage barked. A black wolf walked over to Sage followed by a gray one. "Isn't this amazing Sage" Jasper told Sage jumping up onto the highest piece of the ground in the cave.


Jasper started to howl, Sage and Jade joined him. The noise seemed to wake up some other wolves.  Sage sighed and ran down to see who had survived.



Every one had survived the fall with only minor injuries. Sakara walked over to Sage and rubbed him, he rubbed her back. Sage had always liked the she-wolf who had just became a True-Wolf a week before him. Her mother had been shot by a human with a black stick that shot out small stones that the wolves called Blood Stones.


"I'm so glad your alright Sakara" Sage whispered to the she-wolf who had only suffered a small cut to her leg. "You too" she whispered back.


Sage laid down on the rock and licked Sakara on the head. The beautiful she-wolves green eyes sparkled in the faint light in the cave. "Ohh Sakara" Sage barked softly, "I can't belive this". Sakara nodded and leaped up onto her feet.


"What" Sage barked his eyes opening widely. A group of wolves were walking into the cave, all of them had hair shorter then Sages pack.  A large gray wolf with golden eyes was leading the group. "What the" he whispered, astonished that a pack of wolves had fallen through the roof of the cave. Sage slowly aproached the group, bending down and looking at the ground, trying to appear non-hostile. "Are you real" the wolf said batting his paw at Sage. "Told ya"  said a younger gray wolf which looked like a smaller copy of the pack leader.


Sage sat up and looked the wolf straight in the eye, the rest of the pack gathered around Sage. "Yes where real" barked Teria rapping her tail around her frightend two pups. The leader of the other wolf group growled and flicked his tail. A light gray she-wolf walked over the leader and started whispering to him, the male wolf grunted. Then the leader fliiped around and sternly barked "Follow us".


Sage looked at his father catiously to see what Arisol thought of the other wolves desision. "We have to follow them" Arisol sighed looking at his pack, "Its probably our only chance".


Sage sighed and started padding after the wolf group back into the cave that they had come form...


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